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German ? Bayonet help

Article about: Hi, I've inherited a bayonet & I'm stumped with it. It's in poor condition due to it being in a loft for over 40 years but I its German and that's about as much as I know or can find out

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    Ah, how to confuse a newbie to all this ha ha

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    That's not that bad looking.
    Does it have a scabbard? Also Is there a date on the spine near the ricasso?

    Semper Fi

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    Hi, unfortunately no scabbard, but sorry I don't know what the ricasso is. The only Mark's I have found are the ones in the pics

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    The ricasso is the un-edged part of the blade right up close to the cross bar. Maker marks are usually stamped there, as you have shown. You say there are no others which answers the question, but the point was; on the top edge of the ricasso, an Imperial military acceptance mark was usually stamped. If Prussian, there would be a crown over "W" (Wilhelm II) and a number below, like "14" indicating acceptance into the armoury in 1914. Without such marks would suggest it may have been made for one of the smaller German royal states.

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    Is older type S98/05aA butcher bayonet.

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