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Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)

Article about: Oooh, what a mess! Two contries: Norway and Sweden Two royal guards: Norwegian and Swedish and two royal guards bayonets: Norwegian and Swedish. First bayonet in question by mayralphie is a

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    Default Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)

    Have been told this bayonet is swedish and used exclusively by the swedish royal guard. Anyone have info on the bayonet?Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)

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    This looks like the standard HK G3 bayonet to me.

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    Seller claims that it is a model M68b swedish bAyonet

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    Upon further research the seller is correct. This is the Swedish bayonet for the HK G3. Im sorry I'm not too good with modern bayonets.

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    He is claiming this one was used only by the swedish royal guard and is all black. Claims it is rarer then the normal Swedish G3 bayonet.

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    Dear friends
    This is not a Swedish bayonet.
    If there is "three krowns" stamped just behind the muzzle ring - itīs Swedish - otherwise not Swedish.

    Maybe Norwegian. The guard soldier is Norwegian.

    The bayonet for Swedish version of AG3 - Ak4 - is similar yet different.

    Greetings from Stockholm Sweden
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    The soldier in the pic is Norwegian, from the royal guard.

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    Here is the Swedish royal guard bayo:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Help with bayonet (Swedish ?)  

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    This is the Norwegian type 2 AG3 bayonet for the Kings Guard

    i'll get back with pictures later

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    Going back to the picture I posted here I have to mention that my swedish "royal" bayo has swedish "Tre Kronor" stamp as well..

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