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Help with ID of rare Italian bayonet.

Article about: Hello. I am from Israel. I collect bayonets and knives. I got several years ago Italian bayonet, I havent seen another one like it since, can anyone please give me more information about it?

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    Default Re: Help with ID of rare Italian bayonet.

    Quote by poleatsky89 View Post
    I am sorry for my bad english but what is MABs?
    and again thank you for your help.
    My english is worse than yours. As Adrian Stevenson states the MAB is the Moschetto Automatico Beretta, the SMG of the Beretta, the war model 38A of 1939-1945 and the 38A-44 built for Argentina and Egypt in 1949-1955.

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    Default Re: Help with ID of rare Italian bayonet.

    now I understand a little more' thank you, I have been able to translate from the Italian forum someone sent me here few words and it appears that the brass model with the long blade it very rare. I am very happy about that, because when I bought it I did now know it is made from brass it was so dirty that you could not tell and it did not fold then.
    I have guessed it is rare because I have never seen another one like it on the internet anywhere for few years until now, in that Italian site.
    so thank you all for your help finding out, I have few more cool stuff I will upload later.

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    Default Re: Help with ID of rare Italian bayonet.

    Yes, in Italy is very rare, but only because all the production was sent to Egypt.
    Perhaps in Egypt they are common.....

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