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Identification! (bayonet)

Article about: Hey guys, I've found an old bayonet and I've tried to identify it but I can't find any similarities on the internet. I'm just wondering if any one knows anything about it, like the time peri

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    Quote by mili View Post
    Sadly it doesn't have a scabbard, and yeah the condition isn't great. But the fact that it was found in a shed in Australia, does it suggest that it may have been from the battle of Tobruk?
    Not necessarily Tobruk but somewhere in North Africa would be on the cards.
    Tobruk was but one of a number of North African battles Australian troops participated in.

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    Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)Identification! (bayonet)

    Hi !

    Searched the forum and rediscovered this, (old), thread.

    Bought an M38, (modified folder made into a fixed blade), bayonet yesterday.
    The condition of this bayo isn´t that good but IMO for Euro´s 45,-- (GBP 32,95) it was a bargain, wasn´t it ?


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    Nice find, even if the condition is a little rough. I would say the price was about right, I would have bought it.


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    Here are mine examples - both folding (-top) and unfolded versions:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Identification! (bayonet)   Identification! (bayonet)  

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    Nice examples !
    Thx. for sharing !

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