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Indian Tulwar

Article about: Thega extra wide blade type tulwar C1790 with engraving of animals, believed for use at a temple This seems to be a whale

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    Indeed, a nice sword. I expect there are a lot of repros around, but this one
    does look like it has some age and patina. The wide blade is unusual
    and the engravings/stampings are an interesting touch.

    This type is a bit out of my collecting sphere, so I really cannot
    comment on it, but I do love swords.........


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    Hi paddy around here they will bring around 125.00$ my local shop has 2 of the Tulwar style.
    There are not alot of collectors for them they are very crudely made but they are part of history.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    This is in my oppinion, the ultimate of swords, i would hate to come up against it, the power in it, when swung is amazing, twisting of the wrist, gives it maximum force, but as an ornament it is a really nice artistic piece as well, it has been a real conversation topper, anyone who i have shown it to, really admired it, it is a pity that they are not highly sought after

    I don't think you will find another one of these too easy, anywhere in the world, the animals and wide blade,
    together are almost impossible, to find especially for a tegha over 200 years old, and in this, excellent condition probably except for in India, i was already offered 500Euro for it, but turned it down i expect to hold on until i get at least 800Euro,
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