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KNIL Socket Bayonet

Article about: Here's my first socket bayonet. It's for the first time i got this. Although lack the locking ring, but for \\$ 20 it's really a bargain. Anyway i don't find any marking in here. But i think i

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    Quote by feldgrau33 View Post
    But i'm still curious about the pre snider rifle bayonet e.g. dutch percussion rifle bayonet. Is the shape the same with the snider bayonet? I guess pre Snider bayonet shape is the same with the snider made one?
    The length of your bayo, makes it a perfect match for the M1867 as Spitace pointed out, and the link states, that although this will fit the earlier m1815 & m1848's the length of the blade differ from their bayonets.
    So in my mind this means that the overall length of yours means it has to be the M1867 as spitace said.
    "They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist...."
    - Major-General John Sedgwick, 9 may 1864.
    Killed by a sniper during the battle of Spotsylvania..

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    Quote by earlymb View Post
    Electrolysis is easy and cheap; see 1943 British machete, US made for a description how I used it to clean a machete.
    I see and interesting to read the description in your link.
    If you don't mind me asking, what's the materials needed in this electrolysis?

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    You'll need a plastic container large enough to fit the object in, tap water, some cleaning soda, a car battery charger and some scrap metal. This process eats rust so it's only suitable for surface rust (or it'll eat away everything). It will also remove all paint.

    I thought I described the whole process in that topic, but it seems I was mistaken. You can find a full description here:

    How to remove rust with Electrolysis - PRESERVATION - U.S. Militaria Forum

    I'll post it on this forum soon too, thought I already had but apparently not.

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    Ah thank you for the info. Really helpful.
    But still i have to be careful about the electricity and the hidrogen.
    I guess now i have 4 option to clean the rust. Oxalic acid, electrolysis, "metal rescue" product, and vinegar. I think i'll try the vinegar first since my present fund only can buy vinegar.

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