I am posting this in a few forums because I really am curious if anyone else has come across a functional non decorative Kukri with a synthetic or composition grip.
A new acquisition, I nearly left this one because of the grip not being wood bone or metal but bought it in the end for the blade. This one really deserves the epithet "Beast". Total length 18.5 inches, 47cm, weight 26 ounces, 740 grm. the blade is 11mm thick at the base with an even distal taper to the point. The grip is covered in a thick coat of brown paint or other finish, and underneath that it looks to be a moulded synthetic like Bakelite, Gutta-Percha or some other composition. It has a through tang, and a painted or plated prominent "blind nut" or screw cap in non ferrous metalKukri with an unusual hilt.Kukri with an unusual hilt.Kukri with an unusual hilt.. But the blade is purely traditional, deep forged fullers, elegant rounded back profile with a ridged spine, and a wedge section blade with a slight hollow ground or forged cross section from the spine to the edge.