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L1A2 for the SLR L1A1 Aussie in NAM ?

Article about: Hi mates ! Was the Autralian L1A2 bayonet carried in VIETNAM ? overall lenght: 290 mm blade lenght: 190 mm Thx. in advance, R.

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    Another question:

    Does the Aussie L1A2 bayonet fit the british made L1A1 FN-FAL SLR and/or the belgian manufactured FN-FAL rifle ? ...

    Thx. in advance,

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    Australian and British bayonets are definately interchangeable as both are manufactured in Imperial measurements. Not sure abot the Belgian or other european FN rifles which would be metric. Certainly things like screws and rifle parts etc generally don't fit the Imperial models.

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    Quote by Watchdog View Post
    Australian and British bayonets are definately interchangeable as both are manufactured in Imperial measurements. ...
    Thx. a lot, Mark !

    Best regards,

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    Should also be noted that the bayo fitted on the Australian F1 SMG as used in Vietnam (in the same way that the British equivalent bayo was used with the Stirling SMG). Also fitted on the Australian L2A1 'Automatic Rifle' heavy barrel support version SLR but I would doubt any one ever did fix it on the weapon unless out of bored curiosity.

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    Some mor Aussie L1A2 bayonets there:
    Australian L1A2 Bayonets-Short & Long

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    Quote by reneblacky View Post
    Our National Museum in Canberra has a great division exhibit to our involvement , These shots are only a part of it We are really only a small country
    I have had the privilege of touring that museum. Very enjoyable and sobering experience.

    I have also been in Oz on a couple of occasions when the ANZAC Day celebrations were underway. The national pride in the Australian military heritage is 'throat lumping'. Great country. Great people. Great military heritage. Never equate numbers with performance.

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    Default Hope it's Australian

    My bayonet has no markings that I am able to find. Hope it's Australian. I would enjoy that very much.

    Cannot compare it to others, as far as fuller size or width of the blade. I'll take it on faith that it is Australian. The scabbard is well used, however the bayonet is mint and is covered in a light grease. Guess it was carried much and not used.

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