The M9 bayonet has been made by several makers during the years; Lan-Cay, Ontario etc.
But an M9 has to be made by Phrobis IMO, as this was the original deal.
M9s by other makers are not for me. But thats a personal thing.

The M9 was designed by Mickey Finn and his company Phrobis. MF also designed the Buckmaster mentioned in this section of the forum.

The M9 is very well made.

My example has clear signs of wear on the scabbard and handle, so it was most likely worn on a belt or equipment for a while, but the blade has no nicks and looks like it was never sharpened. Its in very good condition.

The M9 has USMC markings, which were added after the M9 left military service, but I dont care, as Im not a collector per se. I just like the sturdy quality bayonet.