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Well, I thought I was pretty much mission complete with ever seeing anymore souvenirs from DSC Awardee 1LT Castleman and the 1916 Columbus, NM Villistas’ raid. Then I recently found these two items being offered from a completely different source than the bayonet had been. The flag and ammo belt were (ostensibly) gathered as their contemporary tags say from dead Vallistas in the vicinity of the Commercial Hotel. This was one of the businesses that was burned down by the raiders and provided the illumination for their subsequent demise (note the red circle on the map and the before/after photos of the hotel). I do not believe the bayonet (posted earlier) came off of this belt as it would be awkward as hell to wear it in the one area it could be worn (of course, if the belt was not worn with the buckle centered over the groin… it might just work). Meh.

It would appear 1LT Castleman was a more prolific souvenir hunter than I had once given him credit for. Now I have to wonder how much more of his "collection" is still out there. That said, I doubt there’s too much more. Frankly, I’m just happy to have reunited these items. I probably need to now go out and buy a lottery ticket too. Thank you, for checking out this thread's update.



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