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MP34 Bayonet

Article about: Hi guys, does anyone have a picture of an MP34 bayonet? Was it the same as a K98 or totally different? Thanks

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    That is Portuguese mp-34 isn't it? Bulgarian rework 95s look sad, you are right. Especially the hammered rivers and replacement handles.

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    I believe it is a foreign contract one, yes - there are no waffen marks and the only marking is the ssw Steyr logo -
    There may have been some info. on the left side of the upper receiver - but as with many of these Steyr parts sets (all that I have seen) it was removed.
    My friend just acquired a stunning waffen marked MP34 - but, they are rare, here.


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    MP34 BayonetMP34 Bayonet


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    Portuguese contract also have waffenapms. The main difference is the Portuguese stand of Arms on the item. If your is not a Portuguese contract the best thing to do is to start to look for an Austrian m95 bayonet, preferably under officer (NCO) with qullion one preferably not reworked by Bulgaria
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture MP34 Bayonet   MP34 Bayonet  

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