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Need help to ID Mosin Nagant 91/30 bayonet markings

Article about: Hello I just received this Mosin Nagant 91/30 bayonet which is my first Russian/Soviet item and I'm having trouble identifying the markings. I've read that the rough finish is indicative of

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    Quote by AndyB View Post
    The piece could be produced by Izewsk, but the digits control marks are not typical for USSR more for Romania, many Mosins were send from USSR postwar to other comm.bloc countries, as Romanian changed or produced own Mosins, USSR already went to AK47 system. b.r.Andy
    While it's true that satellite states produced and rebuilt many weapons for the USSR in the post-war period, there are no definitive indications that this particular bayonet was made or stamped anywhere but the USSR, based on the markings. I've had several 91/30 bayonets with different number fonts, and even sizes of fonts. With as many depots as existed in the USSR, this should be expected.


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    What is the period of this bayonet, please?

    Need help to ID Mosin Nagant 91/30 bayonet markings

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    Remont or refurbishment production by repair plant, done in war probably, it was welded by separate blade and socket, the serial number is of war period Mosin 91/30.
    The first piece is mostly older Izhewsk production, but was most real refurbished in Romania, serials in circles, removed old serials and new blueing. They open depots some years

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    Quote by Alex W View Post
    Thanks for the reply gents. It would be nice to be able to definitively state where this bayonet has been and what all the markings mean. Its a shame more information on these items isn't more readily available in the internet.
    If you look at the two main Mosin Nagant Sites on the web arsenal markings are covered in detail.

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