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Polish bayonet?

Article about: Annoyed from this ads?   Name: 100_2455.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 224.3 KB  ID: 805783 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> only has the number 11

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    Question Polish bayonet?

    only has the number 11

    Polish bayonet?Polish bayonet?Polish bayonet?

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    The sawback is not typical for polish AK bayonets, but maybe for export? the 11 could be other facility too.b.r.Andy

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    i only know 10 is bulgaria...

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    As previously stated - Possible Bulgarian export or maybe even East German. Other possibilities as well.

    BAYONET ID PAGE - AK Bayonets Of The World

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    11 stands for RADOM as far as I know.

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    11 in an oval is Radom!....
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    It´s an russian 6X4, early Ishewsk production.

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    Polish bayonet?Polish bayonet?Polish bayonet?Polish bayonet?Polish bayonet?

    Hi, mates !

    An very experienced collectors mate, (an expert in AK and AKM bayonets of the world), sent following informations to me:

    "Guten Abend R ....

    Das ist ein Russisches 6X4 frühe Fertigung Ischvesk.

    Die frühen 6X4 Modelle waren mit den abgerundeten Rechteck sowie mit den Ziffen 10 ,11 oder II gestempelt.

    Das Ischvesker Dreieck -Pfeilmarke war bei diesen auf den Ansatz hinter den Haltering oder unter der Parierstange eingeschlagen.

    Das besondere an denen ist ,dass nur das grosse Logo auf der Kunststoffscheide , sowie bei den nachfolgenden Fertigungsvarianten mit eingepresst ist. Bei den späteren Fertigungsvarianten sind diese Marken nicht mehr vorhanden, sondern nur das grosse Ischvest-Logo auf den verschiedensten Stellen am Griff mit eingegossen.

    Hab für dich ein paar Beispiele im Anhang

    Bei den russischen 6X3 sind auch diese rechteckigen Marken zu finden, sind aber meist mit 10, 30 32 oder 38 Beziffert.

    Beste Grüße

    G .....

    I try to translate:

    ... "This is an russian 6X4, early Ishewsk production.

    Early 6X4 pattern bayonets were marked with the rounded rectangle, and with 10, 11, or, II stamped inside.

    The Ishewsk logo, (arrow inside triangle), was hallmarked upon the edge behind the muzzle ring, or, below the crossguard.

    It´s specific, that only the "big" logo is pressed in the sheath.
    At later production versions these markes are´nt existent no longer, but, only the "big" Ishewsk logo is infused in the hilt on different places.

    You can find the rectangle marks on russian 6X3 bayonets, most with 10, 30, 32, or, 38, inside.

    Some examples of early russian 6X4 bayonets.
    " ...

    I have the permission to show some images, my collectors mate sent to me.


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    Nice looking AK bayonet SRB. Did it come with a scabbard?

    And a GREAT Thanks to Reibert for that info. I got a Russian AK bayonet from a friend of mine that was working with KBR as security over in the sand box and he brought it back for me and told me it was a Russian made AK bayonet.With the info you provided I found the Ishewsk logo, (arrow inside triangle) on the handle and scabbard.
    Thanks Gent's
    Semper Fi

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