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russian bayonet

Article about: What era is this from?

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    Default russian bayonet

    What era is this from?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture russian bayonet   russian bayonet  

    russian bayonet  

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    Default Re: russian bayonet

    It's an M91/30 for the M91/30 Mosin Nagant rifle, made from the early 1930s to about 1950-made in vast numbers for the vast number of the rifles-no scabbards as they were intended to be fixed to the rifle or stored 'reversed' on it.

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    those can't be reversed only attached

    any other marks on bayo? I see no tula nor izhevsk and that makes the bayonet not soviet

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    I stand by my original remarks-virtually no one else made M91/30 bayos although many armies used the rifles over the years as captures or supplied by the USSR-if it was Finnish capture it would possibly have the SA mark and Russian marks removed but this was often not done under wartime pressure. And it is possible to store the bayo reversed on the rifle (not locked however).

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    As said M91/30 mosin nagent rifle bayo, i have two here but you will find that if captured or used by finnish army they made them pointed and took the original screw driver end off.

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    Default Re: russian bayonet

    lithgow, i just want to know are there any other marks. And if this is (see the photo, i don't wanna push the bayo it all the way down) reverse storing you mean, it's a very good way do damage the rifle and put yourself in danger.
    The bayonets never meant to be carried that way
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture russian bayonet  

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    Default Re: russian bayonet

    these are on the other side
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture russian bayonet   russian bayonet  

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    Default Re: russian bayonet

    Never said it was a good idea but the Russians (Tsarist or Soviets) never supplied scabbards in any real numbers-bayos usually matched to rifle for fit as the production tolerances were quite wide.

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    Default Re: russian bayonet

    sage98, thank you for photos, please tell us can you see any small star or an arrow in the triangle anywhere on the attachment hardware or the button

    Tzarist infantry was caring it on the shahka's scabbar. In Winter war there were leather scabbards. (very hard to find)

    Now the only possibly (?) factory mark I can see it's this one. Not Tula Nor Izhevsk. I don't know this mark, newer seen before.
    Attached Images Attached Images russian bayonet 

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    Default Re: russian bayonet

    there is a small arrow on the release button

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