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Spanish fighting knife

Article about: Hi ! Someone of you folks have, (or can get), further informationīs regarding this spanish fighting knife ? Thx. in advance, R.

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    Default Re: Spanish fighting knife

    Spanish fighting knifeSpanish fighting knifeSpanish fighting knife
    Quote by Datrus View Post
    I am almost sure this knife is more a sort of a survival knife than a fighting knife. The Kukri like blade tells that. It's much more efficient as a light chopping tool, skinning on so forth, than for combat/fighting. I can say i have some knowledge about both categories of knives.
    IMO a fighting knife indeed.
    The very long crossguard implies the application of this knife as combat knife.
    For use as a tool this kifeīs a little too tiny, I assume.

    Mystery of the Spanish Survival Bolo (how Rare is it?)

    You can see, the commando soldierīs only wearing this knife, not any other combat knife ...

    overall lenght: ca. 25 cm
    blade lenght: ca. 14 cm
    width of the blade: ca. 18 mm, (on the crossguard), till ca. 35 mm
    strenght of the blade, (on the crossguard): ca. 6 mm



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    Spanish fighting knifeSpanish fighting knifeSpanish fighting knife
    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    ... I'd like to find a book or instruction manual on these
    if one was issued, to find out how they were
    supposed to be used.
    Hi, Steve !

    Found this knife in the paperback Knives of War - An International Guide to Military Knives from World War I to the present by Gordon Hughes, Barry Jenkins and Robert Buerlein
    ISBN 10: 1-58160-516-1
    ISBN 13: 978-1-58160-516-7
    Paladin Press - Boulder, Colorado
    on page 104, chapter 10, Contemporary knives since World War II

    The knive is termed as "Survival bolo" there.

    Thereīre scabbards made of green webbing also.

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    Default Re: Spanish fighting knife

    In my opinion you are dead wrong on this one Reibert. I did not see the proportions of the knife until i saw your post. This is for sure no fighting knife, and for several reasons.

    - It's way too small.

    -The handle is too thin to provide a firm grip.

    -The "cross guard" is only half. If one tries to block a knife with the back of that knife, it will run right down along the back and cut your fingers bad. Furthermore the cross guard on a fighting will always be a full guard, and the tips of the guard will bend away from the holder so you would be able to catch another blade. On the Fairbairn, the tips on the guard is not bent or curled, but it's a full guard.

    -The tip of the knife is far from ideal for stabbing, and the knife itself is too small for slashing.

    I'm sure this is a small multi purpose knife. Otherwise it's just a bad designed fighting knife.

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    Default Re: Spanish fighting knife

    Datrus, Iīm learning, not teaching !

    But, do you really know how many (fighting-) -kniveīs, (from WWI on !), are too "small", have a too thin handle, have only a "half" crossguard, (some of them even donīt have a x-guard actually !), have a tip itīs far from ideal for stabbing and are too small for slashing ?

    Thereīre a lot of bad designed fighting kniveīs made in the past, (also in the present for sure), believe me, bud !

    As I mentioned, this particular knifeīs probably supposed to be used as a survival knife, are you satisfied ?

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    Easy friend I agree with you that lots of bad fighting knives have been made, that is also why i would not categorize them as souch but at least the Spanish have a long knife fighting tradition, so i would expect them to produce a good knife for the purpose, if they wanted to. It was not to be combative i wrote that post, but maybe it was a little harsh. It was not intended though.

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    Spanish fighting knifeSpanish fighting knifeSpanish fighting knifeSpanish fighting knife

    A fellow collector showed following images in an other Forum.

    I aked him to to show his images otherwhere and I got his permission.

    One photoīs captioned 1970, special operations counter guerilla training at Juesca. Notice that the green beret on the right wears one of these knives on his belt.

    An other one dates from 1974 and you just make out the sheath on the belt of the Spanish special forces soldier on the left.

    Then, more soldiers wearing the same knife. This was taken in 1974 during a training exercise for COE-11 (COE="cuerpo operaciones especial" = Special Operations Group-11)

    and, finally, Members of COE-102 c. 1975 (the guy on the back right wears the knife)

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    On these pics it actually not looks as small as the other pic. Also it look like the COE operator have wrapped the handle to make a better grip and camo the shiny parts. Could be it is not too bad for sneaking up on a guard and cut his throat. Sorry for being a little macabre here. Really nice pics. It's really hard to find info on this knife.

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    Default Re: Spanish fighting knife

    Thanks for the additional info, Reibert !

    Just like some of the smaller WWII US knives issued to various branches,
    this could fall under the same category: 'Fighting/utility'........


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    Default Re: Spanish fighting knife

    Quote by Datrus View Post
    ... I can say i have some knowledge about both categories of knives.
    Do you have informations regarding this knife:


    Thx. in advance !



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    Default Re: Spanish fighting knife

    Looks like it may be made from much modified M1941 bolo blade bayonets-the chequered wood handle characteristic of that model is an indication of this-Spain was a very poor country after the Civil war and things didn't change until US military aid started in the 1960s-various old weapons were recycled to make do for 30 years until then.

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