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Swedish 1890

Article about: Hello This is the M96 bayonet for the M96 swedish mauser. The EJ AB marking is the hallmark for Eskilstuna Jernmanufakuraktiebolag. Theese bayonets are very often unit marked too. Here's a p

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    Default Swedish 1890

    I'm just guessing here....
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Swedish 1890   Swedish 1890  

    Swedish 1890   Swedish 1890  

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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    I think these are as you say - Swedish, as I recall.

    I know that in the late 1980's, 'LeBaron Outdoor Stores' in Toronto were selling
    these for $8.99 each, with little or no finish left. They had a laundry basket
    full of them. I should have had foresight and bought a few dozen !

    I currently have two which have blackened grips, and nice blades.
    One has a leather frog.

    Seen them for sale now for around $35 or even more...........


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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    cool...I paid 40 clams for it, so I'm in the neighbourhood.

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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    Hello-very distinctive bayonet-all metal, tube handle, slight bolo blade and pretty short for a late 19th century model (although the M1896 Carl Gustav is a very long rifle itself)-dificult to find one with good finish left on it as they were in service a long time, being used on the successor Swedish Mauser rifles and the M1942 auto Ljungman.

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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    Thanks for the info.
    This one was definitely used a long time. The cutting edge is worn into a slight curve from sharpening.

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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    No- that's how they're made-blade is slightly broader & heavier towards the point- I assume for chopping, utility use in the field-40 years ahead of other armies having a more practical 'tool' type of bayo.

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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    thanks for the info...very cool.
    any good way to clean this up a bit/protect it fro further damage?

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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    Many & varied methods and materials are recommended by different serious collectors I have asked about this over the years but I use petroleum jelly on the blade-can easily be wiped off to display the blade when required-Ballistol on the other metal bits to remove surface rust and then protect-the handle surface can be a problem as sweat residue and wear tends to make corrosion there-just don't rub too hard-other people use floor/furniture wax as a surface protector.

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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    Quote by SatansCabanaBoy View Post
    thanks for the info...very cool.
    any good way to clean this up a bit/protect it fro further damage?
    (Mine have a slight 'bend' or 'swelling' to the blades too. Seems to be how they were forged.)

    Just give it a light coat of oil........


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    Default Re: Swedish 1890

    thanks again cats...I really appreciate all the help.
    Out here in the sticks where I live there just isn't anyone to talk to about this sort of thing.

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