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Swedish Bahco knife ?

Article about: Need information on the Swedish Bacho knife. Anyone have any info on this knife?

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    Default Swedish Bahco knife ?

    Need information on the Swedish Bacho knife. Anyone have any info on this knife?Swedish Bahco knife ?

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    Nope, but looks nice.

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    Does anyone know when they were manufactured, how many and which units used them?

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    The one I have is marked Bahco on the leathe part of the scabbard and "PN" on the bottom of the scabbard leather part. Anyone know what the "PM" means?

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    The Bahco knife was designed by the well known Swedish industrial designer Arne Erkers in 1965. First year it vas made at the old Eskilstuna Jernbolaget (EJ-anchor-AB) factory in Eskilstuna. After that (1966 to 1997) manufacture vas moved to Norway and the knife vas made by Helle company.

    It vas made and sold as a pure civilian hunting knife. But due to the good design it vas privately acquired by many in the Swedish army and air force as a field knife.

    The snap on top of sheath is missing on your knife.
    I don't know the meaning of marking "PN".

    Greetings from Stockholm Sweden

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    Here is picture of one I purchasedSwedish Bahco knife ?Swedish Bahco knife ?Swedish Bahco knife ?Swedish Bahco knife ?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Swedish Bahco knife ?  

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    Good knife with a beaten up scabbard. Top snap missing as well as the boot hook.
    Looks like made in Norway
    I think i better to turn the sharping stone on plastic part of scabbard to back side by turning scabbard around.

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    Hard to see in photo but the top strap is intact. I flipped the stone around but does not seem you fit as nicely as on the front.

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