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trench knife, also, a bayonet

Article about: Hi ! Day´s ago I received an heavilly worn, attachable, German, WWI Armeedolch. Overall lenght: 271 mm blade lenght: 149 mm Attachable, private purchased, Armeedolche are not that easy to fi

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    Default Re: trench knife, also, a bayonet

    trench knife, also, a bayonet

    what´s the lenght of the blade ?

    You have a "Eigentumsstück", a private purchased, blank weapon, more an "Extra-Seitengewehr", ("dress bayonet"), than a trench knife or Armeedolch.



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    Default Re: trench knife, also, a bayonet

    The blade is just over 8 inches long though it might of been slightly longer depending on how much, if any, has been lost through sharpening?
    I think that the bayonet has been used as a knife at some point in its life as both edges have been sharpened up but when that was done and who it was done by I don't know.

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