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Unknown bayonet?

Article about: guys this has been laying around in the fileing cabnet for about ten years seen it today so took a couple of pics inside as it was snowing out we have no idea is it brittish or u.s or ?? has

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    Hi Ewan , thats a nice bayo you have there Here is my example for comparison , it is marked on the blade with a D and E combined together which shows this was made by the Royal Small Arms Factory , Enfield Lock . The number 66 shows the year of manufacture i.e. 1966 . The scabbard is carried in an earlier period P44 web frog marked with arrow and "40" ( the frog issued with the L1A3 was very similar but would have been made of green polythene and didn`t have the grip restraint attached ) As Ade said , it`s worth looking after
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Unknown bayonet?   Unknown bayonet?  

    Unknown bayonet?   Unknown bayonet?  


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    hi guys first off thanks for all the info and a nice one there aswell al

    jimmy i was only want it to save it from the garage as i have always liked it and admired/played with it when i shouldnt have over the years so make an offer and i will say to him as its better with someone who will care for it and used to use it etc

    dave yes mate was going to say that they seemed metal or hard plastic i shall get it when i finish my work on friday for better pics.

    regards ewan

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    PM on the way mate

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