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Article about: I was at a gunshow this past weekend and got this in a trade. I've always liked the look and feel of these. It's PAL marked

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    Default Re: USN Mk1

    They are quite sturdy, well balanced, and feel good in the hand.
    Great 'all-around' sheath knife. Some of the Mark 2's have
    rather thick grips and can be uncomfortable to hold.
    I find the MK 1 almost perfect.........


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    I could never control my knives enough when I tried to throw them, I was locky if they even hit the log lol I agree Steve, the more I hold this knife, the more I'm liking it, I even got a new Ka-Bar, but I like the older one better, it's a little longer, still fits my hand better

    USN Mk1USN Mk1

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    These knives have remained so popular that modern companies are remaking
    or continuing to produce this pattern. I believe Boker has reissued one also.

    Besides PAL, WWII Mk 1's were also made by: Camillus, Geneva Forge,
    Robeson Shuredge, Colonial, Union Cutlery, Boker and
    Western States Cutlery.


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    I'll have to find a Union Cutlery to go with my M10 bayonet, it's U C 1943 marked. I've seen a few of the Camillus knives, they always seem to bring a premium. We have a military show coming up in April, I'm going to have a long list lol

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    Quote by Stinkpotpete View Post
    That's really sweet Blitzkrieg, I've never seen the paper with one before, nice to know they still had to tell us how to use them even back then lol

    The paperwork is pretty sweet, but it is a pain in the ass to keep from ripping.

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    I use picture frames for documents like that, they make smaller ones, then you can show it that way, and no more rips, or maybe a case for a baseball card? I know they make some that are bigger than the standard card, and those aren't as bulky as the picture frame, just a thought

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