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What do we have here?

Article about: Knife i'm looking at one ebay, i have a weakness for knives and bayonets in bad shape thing is i have no idea what kind this is all i know is its coming from estonia and all they have to say

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    I envy all you who live where items like this are easily accessible, Grande prairie (closest town) is about the farthest from a warzone ever and shipping up here is terrible so alas i always over pay because thats the only way i can collect :/. Neat history though i didn't know that japan did that.

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    In addition to buying Arisaka rifles directly from Japan, large numbers of them were sent to Russia from the stocks bought by Britain earlier in the war-all sides (but in particular the Russians) were short on service rifles given the unprecedented scale of fighting during the Great War...the Japanese made a great deal of money selling war material to the other Allies such as the rifles, destroyers to the French etc-they even handed back some of the Russian ships they had captured during the Russo Japanese war of 1904-05.

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    it's not even worth the cost of shipping

    it looks like a ground dug relic

    unless it's dirt cheap like a couple dollars, I wouldnt buy it

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