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Will the real “Iraqi” AK Bayonet please stand up!

Article about: Greetings all, There are a lot (and I do mean a lot) of “Iraqi” AK Bayonets that have since departed Iraq as GIs' souvenirs. Most are originally of Romanian, Soviet, or even of Polish origin

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    Quote by Axium View Post
    lovely story. anything else interesting have you liberated when deployed?

    Yes, but well off this particular topic. Primarily, helmets and a few patches. Nothing, that is not already well-represented by other posters' eforts and dedication. And no, unfortunately the weapons are not items "liberated" or possessed by me



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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	000 (108).jpg 
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Name:	000 (109).jpg 
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Name:	000 (110).jpg 
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Name:	000 (105).jpg 
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Name:	000 (106).jpg 
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    Hi, mates !

    Here´s an soldier´s bring back Iraqi bayonet in a really relic condition !


    BTW, the black one is, (for comparison), an yugoslav M70 bayonet.

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    Yugoslavia and Iraq have had great cooperation in making weapons (multiple rocket launchers, artillery, trucks ..... bunkers, airports, etc.).the end of the 80s yugoslavija was major meker wepons for Iraq military.war and sanctions have discontinued further cooperation and a lot of projects remained not completed

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    Hello. I think this thread has been down for some time but have a question. I have the opportunity to buy either an orange or red one such as is posted here but either with leather straps or green string. I think he wants to much for them but what would be a fair price? They are Iraqi tabuks ii. Thank you in advance.

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    These Iraqi Tabuk AK Bayonets are sold on eBay quite frequently that would be where I’d direct you for current values/prices.



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    I have an Iraqi Bayonet with no stamped numbers, can you give me any info on it?

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    There is not really much in the way of info to provide. Some were marked/issued with matching numbers, some were not marked at all. If (as I suspect), your looking for value/price range; I would direct you to view eBay as I do not provide valuations.

    V/r Lance

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