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Yugoslav Model 1924 bayonets, original production and German captured

Article about: I acquired these awhile back, but wanted to share them here. These are three Yugoslav Model 1924 bayonets spanning original production and German captured/modified examples. The originals we

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    The mentioned piece is 122xxx BT3 marked so certainly not from Belgia, this grips were replaced and are not origin, it was probably changed by germans or postwar, there are missing the cleaning holes and the screws are not proper yugoslavian. b.r.Andy

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    Nobody said anything for wood.that could be changed at any time, but the bayonet was only in use before the war.... so that the number (the number is typed after import to 1941godine) and bayonet originate from before the war, screws are Belgian
    A similar type of screws are only made the Czechs on their bayonets.

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    The screws are german type as used on S98,S98/05 and other bayonets, used through the WW1 before starting to use by Czechoslovakia and post 1930 by Belgia, so believe the screw are belgian is only small possibility.Same as the M24 FN bayonets delivered to Yugoslavia were with the early belgian type screws M1889/M16, which are typical for later used in Yugoslavia on all modells.b.r.Andy

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Bajoneti M GOTOVA LOGO.jpg 
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    Its Yours collection? Looks nice.b.r.Andy

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	13590253_10153786072421608_112433119845547063_n.jpg 
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Name:	13592201_10153786071731608_2624482119424245482_n.jpg 
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Name:	13592268_10153786072316608_1483353309796703463_n.jpg 
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Name:	13600009_10153786072001608_7778252475694608425_n.jpg 
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Name:	13606446_10153786072211608_6144274021141043828_n.jpg 
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Name:	13620267_10153786072381608_5114491022295376871_n.jpg 
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Name:	13626498_10153786072051608_1322640619198003945_n.jpg 
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Name:	13645154_10153786072116608_6274458539144394958_n.jpg 
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ID:	979820I am looking for help to ID a bayonet. I am pretty sure it is a Yugoslavian. It has the BT3 in the triangle and 8809 on cross piece. It is over all approximately 16.75 inches and blade approx. 12 inches. it appears shorter than others I have read about, but blade looks great handle has some wounds. can anyone tell me value, rarity

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