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57er knights cross

Article about: very nice adrian thanks for the help everyone saved me a lot tom

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    very nice adrian
    thanks for the help everyone saved me a lot


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    Circuit advertisement 57er knights cross
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    rogaloff trading au | eBay
    thats a lot of fakes


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    Default Re: 57er knights cross least this fellow rogaloff has them listed as replicas...and not as genuine, so really theres no reason to visit his site unless you want a copy/replica, at least you know what you are getting....I suppose its whatever floats your boat ! Prost ! Steve.
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    Quote by oradour View Post
    Tom....this is not a good example, it could be a TR fake reopened and a 57er core inserted, this method is now being employed with fake German Crosses. Although theoreticaly no 57' EK can be a fake, if the regulations governing their manufacture are followed, as laid down in the original order, then good "ole uncle Bob" in his tool shed in Iowa can bang them out, but joking aside, we all know that replicas/fakes/copies ARE being made to fulfil demand (something that the regs/orders never took into consideration !)....Steinhauer und Luck were the last German firm to make a range of official style "replacement" 1957er awards, they still today offer a price list on request,(now for the collector market, as I guess most vets must have replacements by now !) a fellow collector has one, I shall ask his permission to post....but as Adrian has stated their quality is not as good as the early made pieces, I have a Steinhauer und Luck 1980/1990's made KC with oakleaves and swords, although it has a frosted/blasted appearence it is well made, seams correctly filled, sadly with a non magnetic core that has been painted after assembly (why they do this is beyond me !)....but IMO finished off rather nice, I have already shown this cross on another thread, but will show it here for reference.
    Prost ! Steve.
    Steve did S and L produce a micro 800 57 RK ?


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