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Austrian Cap....reshoot

Article about: Finally got this cap and took some better photos (though a couple came out blurry, sorry)

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    This is what I consider to be a typical cap made from K-4 material. I have two -- both unmarked but professionally made -- which are currently in storage. They share the same configuration as the M59 field cap. I've only seen one photo which appears to show a K-4 camo cap with functional sideflaps. The photo is undated

    Austrian Cap....reshoot

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    Hi FtrPlt
    can I ask are your two caps made from zeltbahan material!!!?????
    As I have a modern reproduction Miltec made by Sturm.... made in the same way!!
    I also have two I believe to be genuine Austrian army taylor made examples, made from weeded K4 material as this is how the pattern released by the HBA showed them to be made, the give away is the 5 line stitched peak !!
    one has a single vent grommet the other has none!!.. both have the same green sweatband... bed sheet/pillow materiel!!??? ... the Austrian roundels I added one came badged as bogus SS German WW II (quickly removed!!)!!!! that....and I had a few spare ones hanging around!!

    also some other information I would like to share about the Made in Austria tag on the unknown Camo Gebirgsjager???

    This involves an Austrian M59 issue helmet net (light green netting) I discovered just today at my supplier!!!... in his fresh batch of Austrian army surplus nets... quite a find in itself I think!!!!!!! ...also to my surprise the style and font of the label is identical!! (see pics) this net I would date anywhere from 1959 up to but no later than 1975 as this was when the new type M75 net (Brown netting)was adopted...... just depends really when this Austrian trade mark was discontinued!!???? (see photos) also a pic of my M56 Standard issue for comparison!!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Austrian Cap....reshoot   Austrian Cap....reshoot  

    Austrian Cap....reshoot   Austrian Cap....reshoot  

    Austrian Cap....reshoot   Austrian Cap....reshoot  

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    i know not related to this thread ,well maybe slightly ,ive always been tempted to pick up one of those Bundeswehr M43/56 Feldmutze in Amobentarn zeltbahn ,i know they are a complete fantasy piece but they do look well made from original material too Bundeswehr Feldm

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    I don't have a zelt so am not familiar with the fabric used. I've always believed my two caps to be made from K-4 uniform fabric. I haven't had them out in years so will have to try and locate them. One of mine has a lining and and the other is unlined. The interior on the unlined cap is a whitish color which I assume is the unprinted side of the fabric. Both of my caps have rows of visor stiching -- very similar to the M59 feldmütze. Neither show any indications of having a sewn-on kokarde. Neither shows any indications of a makers tag, stamp, etc.

    I would offer the following as a collecting methodology: make an item prove its authenticity. Presume all items are fakes until proven otherwise. I see too many people adopt the opposite mindset and presume an item to be good with any discrepancies being explained away as "production variants".

    Here is a label from a modern Slama Bergkappe -- ~2007/2008. I know this is an issue piece -- received directly from a serving relative.

    Austrian Cap....reshoot

    As for the "Made in Austria" tags? I consider them a indicator for employing a much higher level of scrutiny. For the M59 net: Was it added to meet current export requirements? Just because there is a tag on it now doesn't mean it was there when it left the factory. I also believe that particular "Made in Austria" logo to be a fairly new design.
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    Here are some reference shots for a few Slama caps. From the 1950s thru the early 1970s (my only 1970s cap is 1972), Slama M56 caps (in both the original coarse wool and the later twill fabric) had ink-stamp labels in the same format as the later sewn-in type.

    Key points: note that none have any form of "Made In Austria" on them; all have metric-only sizing; HBA markings on all field caps.

    Slama Tellermütze, date unknown.
    Austrian Cap....reshoot

    1968 Slama M-56 cap
    Austrian Cap....reshoot

    1985 Slama side cap
    Austrian Cap....reshoot
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    Had a look through some of my notes as well as some photo's I've downloaded over the years. Apologies for no photo credits. None are mine.

    I looked around for several years for a production field cap made from K4 camo. The standard headgear for wear with the KAZ-57 K4 camo jacket/trousers was the woolen M56 field cap. The overwhelming majority of photos support this.

    When the olive KAZ-59 was introduced, the M59 field cap took over as the predominant form of field headgear.

    At the time I was researching these caps, the general consensus seemed to be that caps made from zeltbahn's were produced for the commercial market. Possibly a small number of custom-made caps were acquired by ÖBH soldiers. I have been unable to determine if the caps seen in ÖBH use are custom-made/private purchase.

    I do know that there are a few photos suggesting the cap was used by ÖBH members. Both the following are from the Urrisk book. The first photo appears to show a cap with functional sideflaps and a two-button front. The second shows a cap without buttons and faux sideflaps. Neither photo is dated. These could be custom caps, commercial products or even issue items.

    Austrian Cap....reshoot Austrian Cap....reshoot

    As for the possible commercial copies? As mentioned, these tend to be made using zelts so the interiors are a giveaway. When were these made? Unknown. Could some have seen ÖBH service? Again, unknown. Technically possible.

    To date, I've lumped these commercial caps under the descriptors that best match them. I refer to this one as the BDU style. While not truly a clone of the US BDU cap, it kind of shares the basic look. It also resembles the current ÖBH KAZ-03 field cap:
    Austrian Cap....reshoot

    Next would be what I refer to as the Swiss version. The cut appears very similar to the Alpenflage field cap, including the elastic back.
    Austrian Cap....reshoot

    I call this one the Bundeswehr version. Other than missing the two front buttons, it appears very similar to the BW moleskin cap.
    Austrian Cap....reshoot

    Lastly is the one cap which actually might be a production M57 field cap. I apologize for no photo credit. This appears, for all practical purposes, to be a M59 cap made with K4 fabric.
    Austrian Cap....reshoot

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    It appears that Rä once carried a range of camo M-43 inspired caps, including one in K4 camo. Not sure if these were made using zelt material or not? They do have the correct stitched visor.

    Austrian Cap....reshoot

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