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The Bundesheer, the modern Austrian Army.

Article about: Here is a work on Austrian uniforms of the interwar period, items of extraordinary rarity and great interest. The photos show the uniform in the Dolfuss Staendestaat, i.e. ca. 1933-38 at a t

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    An image of an Austrian Gebirgsjäger, wearing the Feldkappe with the Edelweiss:

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    Hi, mates !

    Want to show you this dirty, stinky, raddled, and, sweat soaked, maroon coloured, beret of an officer of the "Jägerbataillon 25".

    The "JgB25" is the one and only Airborne, and, Airmobile Bataillon in the ÖBH, (Austrian Bundesheer).
    There´s only the "Jagdkommando" airborne also !

    Playful the "Jgb25" is called as "Jagdkommando Süd", through the stationing of the Bataillion in the south of Austria, (Carinthia).


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    The correct designation for the various incarnations of the M-43 style cap is "Feldkappe". The models I'm familiar with include:
    Feldkappe, Modell M-56: field-grey, coarse wool cap very similar to the Wehrmacht M-43. The fabric changed to a smoother twill material in the 1970s. I'm not sure if the designation changed

    Feldkappe, Modell M-57: pea-pattern camo version with false turndowns (similar to the WH DAK/HBT caps). I have a few tailor-made examples but have never found one with production stamps indicating an issue item.

    Feldkappe, Modell M-59: olive-green/brownish cap -- same false turndowns. Part of the field uniform.

    The M-56/57/59 was general issue to all. I don't believe it became unique to mountain troops until the introduction of berets in the 1970s. Prior to this, the edelweiss was the only way to distinguish it from the same cap everyone else was wearing.

    The cap shown is 1970s+ -- the smoother fabric distinguishes these from the earlier, coarse, wool caps.

    Quote by James C View Post
    just looking for more information on this austrian cap in the m43 style ,ive really tryed to research this one but there seems little known about postwar caps ,perhaps im looking in the wrong places firstly id like to know its correct designation ,i was thinking fieldmutze or bergmutze but would like clarification, unfortunately no manufacture date or hba stamp ,the label shows marie slama and sohn of vienna and established 1902 ,what period would this be from in your opinion's ,im also wondering what rank these triangular stripes in gold thread below the cockade denote ,the buttons are stamped ulbricht,also on the inside is a stiched piece of thread across the backside of the insignia giving the front area a squashed appearance,was this a common practise and i also noticed when unfolded there is two holes which im guessing although i could be wrong was an edelweiss,it is in the right area on the cap but what seems odd is the holes are on the inner fold not the outer and im sure more than two fixing points where required for the edelweiss,thanks for all your help ,jamesAttachment 786537Attachment 786536Attachment 786538Attachment 786529Attachment 786535Attachment 786534Attachment 786533Attachment 786532Attachment 786531Attachment 786530

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    many thanks for taking the time to explain the different styles and of course for your valued appraisal of my example ,your very kind regards james

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    Nice "SALTY" beret Reibert !!! and some good info on the Jagerbatalion too!!!!

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    Very nice material of an army very close to my heart.
    damit, basta.

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    I acquired this subdued patch still attached ( to a shirt I guess? ) some years back as part of a job lot of ww2 items.

    Nice though it is, I do not collect Austrian and so if any member does and wants it - gratis - PM me an address and I'll pop it in an envelope for you!

    First in best dressed .......
    Cheers all, Dan
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    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    My today´s flea market -find, an achievement badge for military hand-to-hand combat, (Leistungsabzeichen des Österreichischen Bundesheeres: MILITÄRISCHER NAHKAMPF).
    Diameter: 5 cm

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    Hi all
    Nice achievement badge Reibert!! and thanks to you.... and the alert I had set on this thread.... reminded me to re-visit
    As I now have a few new interesting Austrian photos to share....
    first up.... three photos of an Austrian army EXPO.... at a guess circa pre 1966 (photos sadly not dated) as the rank decal visible on the squad leaders M58 liner was abandoned soon after 1966!!
    it shows displays of gear set up to demonstrate the army's new weapons to the top brass!!!
    on the table... with the customary Austrian dot camo zeltbhan tablecloth!!! (still in use at modern Austrian army expo's even in recent times!!) is a bazooka (looks U.S. issue to me!!!) , an MG 42/MG1, an STG 58, an MP40 ( folding stock butt just visible ) and other hand weapon small arms, on display is also uniform (mountain ski troops and what looks to be flotation vest!!???...boat troops???) and also some more heavy weapon's in the form of .50 browning AA mount and lafette mounted MG42/ MG1!!
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    Nice images !
    Thx. for sharing !
    WWII weapons were used for a long time in the ÖBH.


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