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Fireman's Helmet 65

Article about: G'day All, Thought I'd show this one that I'm stoked about Didn't cost a lot and fun to play with! a classic helmet design that glows in the dark is kind of creepy anyway about 1965 or there

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    Default Fireman's Helmet 65

    G'day All,

    Thought I'd show this one that I'm stoked about Didn't cost a lot and fun to play with!
    a classic helmet design that glows in the dark is kind of creepy anyway about 1965 or there about MFG. Aluminium.

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    Great night time camouflage! LoL.

    Actually quite a good idea for back then.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Nice lid Rene. Looks in great condition.........!


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    Cheers Guys, shame it's missing the liner! but for $16AU all up I'm happy

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    That would look awesome burning down a dark highway. Add a skull face mask and its THERE!!!!!
    Nice one Rene

    Semper Fi

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    Great reply I'm on the floor Phil!!!

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    nice lid rene' ,didn't realise they were coated in luminous paint ,have you tried setting off your east german dosimeters near to it

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    Cheers James I didn't think of that! good one!

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    This lid is awesome in more ways in one.
    Not only its it unique- to at me at least the Germans were 50+ years ahead on he curve when it comes to fire fighter safety.

    This being painted the way it is does make it easier to see for people the wearer at and around a fire scene it gives entry firefighters a way too keep track of one another when crawling around performing a primary search or for advancing a hose line working as a team.

    Furthermore, if a firefighter gets calls a mayday or has become unconscious its easier to find and rescue your guy.

    Being inside a structure fire of course is not like the movies or TV. in most cases it is pitch black. You could have the most powerful flashlight in the world,
    once the beam hits the smoke(particulate-superheated gas) it get almost instantly fused and in now way shape or form is of any use.

    On our air tanks we have a large neon band around them. Color is almost identical to your lid.

    I have no idea of the physics behind it. But when let say when another firefighter go crawling around. My overriding priority are my and the other firefighters safety as we do the search. Because its hard to search with dead, insured or lost firefighters.for some reason the spectrum of light coming off the sticker does not get as defused easily.

    To be honest it can be downright creepy how visible these are in medium- medium/heavy smoke conditions.
    I can see the other guys tank in many cases quiet a always away. 2 to 3 feet in some cases. Its not a super bright becon of hope type deal but a very soft ghostly white. and 2-3 feet can be the difference between life and death.

    Of course its a secondary tool to help you keep track of the situation and that's all you need some times.

    some fire depts. across the country have these sticks or decals on helmets, tools ect. like anything in the fire service adapting new tech ect can be slow. But seeing that you get really good use out of an item that is sho cheap for me its a no brainer- only took us forever to get to it

    General Example posted below

    Just wanted to share:
    Happy New Year
    General Putnam

    Fireman's Helmet 65

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    Cheers General Putnam, fantastic post Thank you

    Have a Great New Year Mate

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