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My War Room

Article about: Yep thats how I was but mate its hard to sit back and watch the prices of things rise higher and higher and the fakes get better and better. Not to mention the bulls@#t that often accompanie

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    Very nice display!

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    Very nice collection, Phil...
    I especially liked the KRETA armband...
    Regards, Thanos.

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    Really nice collection Phil, you have it all displayed very professionally.
    Cheers, Dave.

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    Quote by Phil Steele View Post
    Hi Joshua. Apart from maybe 1 or 2 items everything has been purchased internationally. In respect to Third Reich and Imperial items, I have found them to be way over priced here in Aussie and much cheaper to buy overseas even taking in the high cost of postage. As for Bundeswehr, very little available in this country. All my BRD items have been purchased on Ebay from Germany.
    Lovely display, Shame you missed out when the Aussie Disposals had heaps of Bundeswehr & East German uniforms and cheap, it was so abundant I passed up on most of it. There are still bits and pieces that pop up.
    Can we see your WW2 items in future individual posts?
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    very nice display phil you have some very nice tunics


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    Awesome display, amazing collection.

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    That is one impressive collection Phil

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Thanks for sharing a nice collection you have,i like awards mainly, Mark

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    Thanks again for the kind comments...greatly appreciated. Rene trouble is I was so one eyed in my collecting back then. If it didnt have a swastika on it then I didnt want it but things change and slowly over time I started to appreciate Imperial and Bundeswehr items. Now I dont buy very much Third Reich items although I am sort of building up a display of Jager patches in the hope of doing a similar display to the one you can see holding Edelweiss patches. In response to requests for close up pics of certain items I will get onto that in a day or two when I have a bit of time up my sleeve. Again many thanks.
    Josh I have had no luck with finding vet bring backs. Trouble is I think a lot of collectors have got in years ago and or dealers. I have seen some Japanese items and of course quite a few English helmets but nothing German.
    Thanos in respect to the Kreta cuff title it has been removed from a tunic and has what could only be bloodstains on it. My wife hates it because of that and I am not so sure how I feel as I hate the thought that anything I have in my collection has been removed from a soldiers grave.


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    G'day Phil
    I was in the same boat but for me if it was pre 45 "forget it"

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