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panzer beret

Article about: Just to share my latest BW beret to add to my others this one is dated 1971 and maker is the same as the other earlier example's i have "codeba" the metal insignia is maker marked

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    Default panzer beret

    Just to share my latest BW beret to add to my others this one is dated 1971 and maker is the same as the other earlier example's i have "codeba" the metal insignia is maker marked Overhoff & Cie, Ludenscheid and i believe an earlier version the latter current issue have the tri colour flag like the recon insignia i show ,what i like about it is the familiar appearance allthough reversed to the TR Panzerkampfabzeichen ,i also show my earlier two soft beret's and the hard cap panzer Schutzmutzepanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beretpanzer beret

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    Nice collection of Panzer Berets James!! yes that first Panzer badge is the early 1970 type.. there is also an early 1970 Fallschirmjager one... the tricolour was added in 1979 when the entire Bundesheer adopted a coloured beret with badge...... the Schutzmutze was worn in the 60's....... on closer inspection... I think my early airborne one is a repro.. no makers mark!!! (see pics)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture panzer beret  

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    Thanks for you interest paul and for sharing your knowledge on the dates of issue ,ive learned something new today and also thanks for showing your nice grouping and the differances between the earlier/latter insignia ,your a gent

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    on a side note ive also heard a rumour the earlier type insignia's are now illegal to use in the modern bundeswehr ,how true that is im not sure but would be good to get some clarity on the subject

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    Friends, if you do not already have this book, do buy it. It is the treasure trove bar none on all these issues, written by an expert and using the Bw Army study collection of the
    quartermaster corps of same. Das Ausstattungssoll der Heeresangehörigen der Bundeswehr von 1955 bis - Lothar Schuster: Bücher
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    damit, basta.

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    panzer beretand you need one of these, too....
    damit, basta.

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    Many thanks for the link friedrich and a pleasure to hear your thoughts ,i have to agree i really should invest in this book ,i briefly leafed through a copy when i visited steve(oradour's) home to view his bundeswehr collection last year so i have to make it a must purchase this year ,thank you also for showing a genuine example of the TR panzer beret and of which owning i can only dream but having said that im happy with what i have collected and sure these post war berets have there own place in the history books
    kind regards

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    panzer beretAll the best to you and happy new year. The Bw is a special love of mine and thanks for adding the material here. The West Germans used to train in Wales, I think, did they not? The first instances of same caused a big stink at the time. The Bw is a wonderful theme and wholly deserving of interest and attention.

    - - ------- - -

    I actually owned three Pz berets of the 1934 or so type, and I sold them all. Silly of me.

    I still own the early 1960s variant with the crash helmet, in the same color textile actually used by the SSVT prior to field grey....
    and which was used in the late 1950s and early 1960s bw.
    damit, basta.

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    panzer beretpanzer beretThe Bw armor in Wales, in former times. Much beloved was the Shiloh range in Canada, which was also abandoned, sadly.
    damit, basta.

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    All the best to you too friedrich for this new year ,thank you also for the period referance picture's of a BW battalion training in southern wales which non of the like ive seen before ,i can only imagine the trouble this must of caused at the time ,i have a keen interest in post war germany especially the bundeswehr with the GDR/DDR comming in a close second and to have links to wales makes this even more a special area of collecting ,do you have any regrets of letting go the three pz example's you owned ,it must of been the right decision at the time ,its better to have had and held than not at all
    i notice a lot of the fake pz beret's out there use butchered BW Schutzmutze which to me is a real shame

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