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US type helmet...Any good?

Article about: Hi Everyone, I usually just collect field-gear - but just saw this helmet - looks sort of like a US M1 type... Is this original? Postwar? What's the current value? (the seller is not really

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    Thanks for all that info!
    Steve has mentioned it, that it has been repainted - what color would've been the "original" color?

    Quote by oradour View Post
    It is indeed a a Bundeswehr steel helmet...If it has only 4 rivets on the shell it is an M1985 "Modifiziert Bodentruppenhelm" A1A........or it could be a converted version of the M1960 or M1962 1A1 helmet depending on how many rivets are on the shell, if 5 rivets it is an M60/85 or with 9 rivets a M62/85.......................$15 is indeed a bargain !
    Prost ! Steve.

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    Fabe, I believe it is Bundeswehr "Gelboliv" (Nato-oliv) vehicle and equipment colour, RAL 6014.
    During there use in the BW these helmets would of been re painted from time to time in varying shades of the above colour.
    Prost ! Steve.
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    Default Re: US type helmet...Any good?

    I believe it was a matt or flat finish OD, but what is on
    there now is glossy and quite dark.........


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    a nice little bargain there ,i believe these m1a1's were manufactured either by VDN vereinigte deutsche nicklewerke ,SH for schuberth or PSL paul schulze ,lubeck and the 181 style liners were made by either hans romer or schuberth this liner was similar to the earlier liner apart from having plastic nape strap neck support a nice flectarn helmbezug (helmet cover) would complete the look or maybe a tarnnez (helmet net )over the shell ,regards james
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