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Afrika Korps cap found in Crete...

Article about: Another intresting item that i got some good vibes from when i visited the antique store here in Crete is this nice cap... It looks good to me but i'm not the guy to tell for sure if it's ok

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    Hello LizardKing and thanks for sharing those pics. Regarding your comments to BenVK asking him to explain himself to you leads me to think you have room for a little more learning.

    To my understanding, when Mr. BenVK is gracious enough to share with you, you have been given a gift. To see a dirtied up expamle of a DAK with faked wear and dirt and to not know

    whether it is real or not is not a sin. What to look for and how to tell is what separates the wheat from the chaff. Mr. BenVK knows quite a few things and is well versed in many things

    and headgear is one of them. Thanking him for his time and expertise would be not only wise, would be considered good manners.

    If you will take some time beyond simply asking for details, you may want to read some of the most excellant threads regarding such headgear.

    I hope you are not offeneded at my suggestion and it is done because I saw you ask him to explain himself ,..twice. Please read through the posts

    and you will see a lot of things regarding tropical and other warm climate hearwear. Look at the pics very close and notice how the insignia "pulls"

    into the fabric as it "settles in" with age , examine the wear on an actual hat that doesn't just have crap rubbed on it to simulate age. A freind of mine

    once told me and others in an article in the old Gaulieter publication,.."know what you are buying and or who you are buying it from". Good Luck and Happy Collecting !!

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    Ok jimpy! I will take your word for this! So i'll pass on this one too... Thanks for your help and efforts guys!

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    Quote by LizardKing View Post
    Ok jimpy! I will take your word for this! So i'll pass on this one too... Thanks for your help and efforts guys!
    No need to take my word on it, there are guys on here who have a LOT more knowledge on head-dress than I do and when it comes to head-dress, BenVK is one of them.

    A lot of us have our area's of specific knowledge and expertise, that is the very good thing about our forums on here, (my own area tends to be British web equipment from WWI onwards). My own knowledge of WWII German head-dress is limited, which is why I tend not to get involved in discussions on subjects such as this, unless it is to acknowledge something or similar.

    Regards etc
    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    Trust me, it is bad.

    Compare to the originals, like mine, shown on the forum.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    I agree that it is a fake tropical hat. These type of hats were not worn exclusively in Africa but throughout the Mediteranean Theater. Calling it DAK is technically incorrect.


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    Guys take it easy! I didn't mean to insult noone! I was asking because i'm on vacation and my access on the web is very limited (i have to visit a local net cafe). The double post was a mistake of my pc and i could't find how to correct it!
    jws54 about your post i have to comment something... i asked him to explain his statement because i only saw a negative answer and i really wanted to know the reasons why... Due to the fact that i'm on vacations and i don't have unlimited net access i don't have the time to search through the forum's topics to find and compare the hat, so i asked for your opinions! And trust me i never talk in an aggressive way especially to people that try to help me! I follow this forum for quiet a time to know that people from here always try to help others and share their knowledge! Again (and please believe me) i never meant to insult or sound aggressive to anyone!

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    Good thing you were able to have it checked here.

    Ben's word is gold.

    I'd pass as well.

    Hope you are able to find some genuine headgear whilst there.

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    Quote by Scout View Post
    Good thing you were able to have it checked here.

    Ben's word is gold.

    I'd pass as well.

    Hope you are able to find some genuine headgear whilst there.
    I don't think i will! I have nowhere else to search for such things... The same shop has some promising blades though... 2 FJ grav. knives, a 1st model LW dagger, an SA dagger and a KM dagger! I don't know if they are genuine. I will visit it again, take some more pics and present them here for you guys to look and judge!

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    Agree ! Bogus sorry

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    Michael (Lizardking), DONT buy anything from Crete. It's full of fake militaria items especially after 1991 (50 years of the battle of Crete). I have a minimum number of original items from Crete which are bought before 1991 and then the market was full of junk.
    Regards, Aghs

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