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Afrika Korps pith helmet

Article about: unsure whther this is in the wrong section am sure a mod can move it but seller who asked if i wanted the NSKK dispatch riders helmet mailed me today and said he had 2 of these if i was inte

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    and opinions on the first pith Dave?

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    i dont think the first has been artificially aged Jerry to be fair

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    its easy sometimes to look for a wolf behind every door

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    the same seller offered me this, this week i dont think this has had any ageing but then i know nothing about the makeup of imperial helmets

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    Quote by DerFlieger View Post
    i dont think the first has been artificially aged Jerry to be fair
    Did you start this thread to gather opinions from other collectors or did you just want to convince yourself that the two piths are originals?

    They are not original tr period manufactured in my opinion and have been aged to make them look more convincing.


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    The problem is that you are asking opinions based on very limited photos but from what i see initially is that they have either been aged or not fully completed in detail, i would want to see more detailed shots of all relevant points, as for the Picklehaube again one photo is not enough for me, there are other more experienced WW1 collectors of these and i think you should post it in the appropriate section, but personally im not really happy with it, these are very well reproduced now and it would be easy to age this, i have a Bavarian Picklehaube and the detail of the crest is very precise, unfortunately i dont have the means to post photos at the moment

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    Hi Jon, sorry, I don't like either of the two pith helmets. The ageing, leather trim, sheilds, sweatband are all issues for me. I would listen to Jerry's advice as he owns several of these.

    I cannot advise on the Imperial items as it is really outside of my experience.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    thanks Guys in the spirit of wanting to always learn i will bow to superior knowledge in good faith and say pass on these

    all best


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    Kindly note that this thread is HALF USELESS because the OP posted the images from a non-forum hosting source.

    I can't stress this enough!

    See here: Please don't use picture hosting from other picture hosting sites for the forum

    Fellow collectors are NOT adversaries to be bested...

    ☭ "Ричик, я не понимаю, почему, почему ты тратишь деньги на эти вещи!" ☭

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    I have to disagree with the above--it is now 100% useless....

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