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Aged Repros Website

Article about: This UK site is selling these low-quality repros with artificial ageing. A lot of these are being re-sold on Ebay as originals: WarHats German Hats & Headwear from the Luftwaffe, Kreigsm

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    I feel this company should clearly mark these items as repros , the inside of the sweatband or another hard to see spot should carry their logo . A place wear a buyer of an original hat might look , but a quick look wouldn't show . But I feel they know exactly what they are doing .

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    Quote by HARRY THE MOLE View Post
    This firm we originally known as '' before changing their name to the current one used. I can appreciate that some collectors can only afford reproductions of the real thing. After all, when you see the prices that an SS cap costs, it is hardly surprising they go down this route. But some of these so-called 'aged' caps look as though they should come with a 'hazardous substance' warning attached...
    I know of a well known and respected dealer that had an aging machine out the back. It consisted of a cement mixer and half a dozen newly painted helmets. You can guess how many are going around today being harked off as real, This was in the early 70's..... I kid you not, I bet they guy that made the champaign SS decals is really getting a belly laugh now

    Caveat Emptor

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    You took the words right out of my mouth, the hats should be labeled REPRO REPRO REPRO REPRO REPRO all around the inside of the helmet under the sweatband. Surely this can be done without affecting "collectibilty"?

    Also, the Erel company could do this, are they comfortable with the vintage market being polluted with good copies?

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    What this can eventually do, as SS caps flood the markets, this could actually depreciate the value of authentic pieces. This is because of the supply and demand effect. If word goes around to the novice collector that fakes outweigh the market, then this can put price pressures on genuine items.

    Take for example Collar tabs. Fakers use these forums to improve designs. They want that money; so they learn here. Look at examples from the 80s and 90s. mostly cardboard and sig runes that screamed fake. Now look at top quality repos. they are using buckram and exterior textiles that could pass as real to even some of the most seasoned collectors. They are not far off, from being able to do this perfectly. Its the evolution.

    Need i mention SS Honor Rings? Look at that volatile market.

    Now, as fakers perfect their sordid science, serious collectors will get leery.... very leery! I have seen instances in our clubs and other forums where a member is looking to purchase an item. We try our hardest to give the correct judgement, but later to find out it was indeed a fake. So, then the piece is critiqued and label as "fake" for others to learn from that poor collectors experience. The main point is that the quality fakes are getting impressive and cranking out some unbelievable pieces.

    The downward curve, as museum quality fakes flood the market, will devalue authentic pieces. I could give other examples of mainstream items (typically luxury goods) that took a price hit from quality fakes. For the WWII collectors market to take a dive, will be a mixture of two main things:

    1) The Economy and global Currency valuations.
    2) Museum quality fakes flood the market which fool investors and experts alike. Or it causes experts to become indecisive about pieces. That, indecisiveness alone, would effect the psychology of collectors across the board.

    Be very aware that the Fakers and Manufactures use these forums! The SS market, imho, has become way overpriced and is long overdue for a substantial correction.

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    Aged Repros WebsiteDo you think this is a "museum quality reproduction?"

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    If you do, then I am not sure what you have been doing on this website, all your proclamations to the contrary notwithstanding.
    damit, basta.

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    Like I said... It looks as though it should be marked with a hazardous chemicals label!
    Author of... 'Belfast Diaries: A Gunner In Northern Ireland'... 'A Tough Nut To Crack: Andersonstown.. Voices From 9 Battery Royal Artillery In Northern Ireland'... 'An Accrington Pal: The Diaries of Pte Jack Smallshaw, September 1914 To March 1919'.

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    I do take your point as to the improvement in the quality of fakes, since you learned this point from me and my posts.

    I have collected for fifty three years, during which time, the value of what I collected has climbed in a rather astonishing way.

    I have no insight into young collectors in the United States, other than they seem to partake of a Zeitgeist of cultural pessimism and Adam Smith dogmatism, or, should I say, Ayn Rand dogmatism, with a Malthusian aspect that, for me, recalls the dark years of the 1970s and the shift of the Zeitgeist in all manner of unpleasant ways. I lived through that decade as a collector, actually.

    I receive weekly pleas from persons on this site to buy my material.

    Persons who cannot do the due diligence to collect SS material have no business collecting it.

    An intelligent person can use the resources here to wonderful effect, and those who are scared off by the challenges of the task are probably better served

    with some other pursuit.
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    Beginning collectors have so many resources at their finger tips today that one has to be awfully dumb to fall into many traps without due diligence.

    Why have I spent so much time each day on this website answering questions, as have other remarkable experts with unique and priceless collections?

    I adhere to my response from Mr. Mint. There is a class of person who apparently relies on ebay of the year 2015 for their interest in Nazi regalia,
    and these persons demonstrate to me, at least, a pretty incompetent grasp of the task.

    Many beginning collectors here have used our resources to build collections, and we salute them.

    Let me also say that I am not an economist, and all I read in both the NYT and the WSJ is that things of value have an enduring attraction as an investment,
    but my collection is not really an investment in a conventional sense so much as the core of my professional work as an historian.

    Do let me also remark that the process of Freudian projection on these websites is legion, and not especially helpful when one really wants to examine
    all the facets of an historical object.

    The Wehrmacht Awards Forum also engages in a war of the generations discourse which is one of the major reasons I abhor it. I know that the moderators here
    share my view in this connection that such exchange harms decorum and good order and discipline.
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    damit, basta.

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    As always Friedrich , very well said .

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    They evidently do not know the correct terminology for what they are marketing. They are selling their black SS caps as "Allgemeine SS." These hats are only bought to deceive the unknowing.


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