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Aged Repros Website

Article about: This UK site is selling these low-quality repros with artificial ageing. A lot of these are being re-sold on Ebay as originals: WarHats German Hats & Headwear from the Luftwaffe, Kreigsm

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    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    SS regalia is not stock shares in Apple or Walmart. These things are fundamentally different
    Excuse me for saying this, but perhaps that is the point we may be overlooking in this discussion, FB - even if you say so yourself.

    The Zeitgeist being pandered here - and elsewhere for that matter - is certainly not specific to SS regalia alone, but rather the entire rainbow of militaria collectables, universal. To limit ones vision of the issue by targeting the contemporary performance of SS regalia, could be somewhat myopic - and to fully comprehend the immediate situation being trumpeted, may make compulsory the examination of current performance for ALL the varying types of relics being collected.

    We all understand your attention is focused on the artifacts left behind by the SS - and that's all fine and good. You have proven, undoubtedly, that you have become the Master of this subject. And as you say, to be financially fortified - and not part of the middle class - has certainly become a pre-requisite for anyone serious about collecting such a commodity. But I argue that if one were to [honestly] poll collectors of most any other genre of militaria, the results demonstrated in both data and opinions would be contradictory to those that limit themselves to collecting SS artifacts, solely and alone. SS regalia certainly commands interest - and I am dubious to believe one could find argument antipodal to this fact. In this day and age, these such collectors are rapidly forming a stratosphere all of there own.

    Sleep well, and enjoy the Peace - all is good for each of us.

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    This has been a very good discussion! As we are serious collectors of the military variety, all of our opinions and discussions are warranted in the need to persevere in the quest for authentic pieces.

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    No one should ever collect mainly as an investment. Changes in the world economy can certainly impact collecting. Buy at a level at which you are comfortable. Collecting as an investment is no different than playing the stock market. When the bubble economy in Japan burst in the late 1980's, the value of Japanese swords, with few exceptions, also tanked. There are no guarantees in life. Collect armed with the knowledge to know what you are buying.


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    ^ +10

    Yes, collect for the love of it.

    And do all the legwork (nowadays it's fingers...) to keep from getting burned. Doesn't matter how much money you have, losing any is not a good thing, not to mention the awkward position of having to dump a questionable or plain bad item. There are some really honest people out there who would probably rather throw it in the trash and chalk it up to experience, and the other 90% who are going to put it up for sale saying things like "I found it in the attic and I don't know anything about it", hoping for a sucker to come along.

    So buy wisely and collect for the love of it.

    I've been a wheeler dealer all my life and buying comes a lot easier than selling.

    What Bob's saying about swords, just because the hard cash value has changed doesn't mean you should treasure the items any less.

    I don't see my collectibles in dollar signs. I see the history.

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    Quote by ErWeSa View Post
    And I almost thought....
    ...of the quote that was the origin of the proverb:

    "Lass' Dich nicht aus der Ruhe bringen; denk' an den Götz von Berlichingen... "

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    Not sure if I understand the proverb completely, Google translate may not be getting it right...

    Interesting bit of history, previously unknown to me.

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    Quote by HPL2008 View Post
    ...of the quote that was the origin of the proverb:

    "Lass' Dich nicht aus der Ruhe bringen; denk' an den Götz von Berlichingen... "
    HPL2008: Got me there!

    Larboard: See here:äbischer_Gruß
    For non German speakers our in-jokes are hard to comprehend. May this contribute to the understanding of German literature.

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    Quote by Larboard View Post
    Not sure if I understand the proverb completely, Google translate may not be getting it right...
    Let me explain:

    ErWeSa and me are native speakers of German; FB is not, but is so fluent in the language and so familiar with the Austro-German culture that he might as well be one.

    Now, Every German-speaker is familiar with the term "Götz-Zitat" ["Götz quote"], which refers to this:

    The proverb I quoted roughly translates as "Don't lose your cool, think of Götz von Berlichingen", a reminder to remain calm and outwardly polite when someone bugs you, while thinking to yourself... well, you-know-what.

    Before this gets deleted for potential profanity and utter off-topicness, I think I'll quickly make an SS connection here:

    What is the true about this Seep Dietrich act? - Axis History Forum

    Edit: ErWeSa beat me to the reply while I was still fiddling around with my post.

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    CBH is online now


    WRF where myths are dispelled , as always HPL wonderful work . Thank You

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