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it arrived today

Article about: hi and a merry christmas to you all the m43 i posted before arrived today and i now have taken several what i think good and clear photos for the best verdict possible cheers DS

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    yes that i can understand and i gave about 150$ for it so with the prices i normally see an m43 go for i am satisfied but surely you guys must have seen the artificial silk addon for officers that they could choose if they wanted too when ordering a tailored cap and believe me i have been up day and night (well some sleep gotta pay the bills) researching about m43 caps tailored m43 caps converted m42 sidecaps fieldmade m43 caps so there is an exausting amount of info to go through i will propably never find out to 100%

    cheers DS

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    Military Antiques Search Results

    found a m43 italian made private purchase with the same piping that my cap has and this is a reputable salesman is it not? im sorry if i keep hassling you with this but i dont want to blow this if i request a refund and it turns out to be some obscure private purchase and i have spent the day searching after bund caps and cant find any that match this one this one does not have any ventholes and does have artificial rayon and there is a tiny hole in the fabric wich alows me to see that there is a white/beige background behind the rayon/silk and took it to my grandma who used to be a tailor and she said that its made with old cotton thread andshe also said that the cap bill seems to been added at a later time she also noticed that the material it was made of was a material that resembled the one she got tasked in making mens suits wich was some italian fabric so she said with no knowledge about ww2 more than that they had to stay indoors and turn of all the lights when they heard the roaring engines of german planes crossing into norway and finland that its made sometime between 1930s to 1940s so im getting more and more anxious about what to believe now

    and once again i dont want to be a pain in the arse but i will never have another shot at owning a waffen ss cap so i want to know for certain especially now that my grandma told me that it was made in that timespan she also noted that it was wellmade but like i stated before she pointed out htat the bill was put on in a more shoddy hasty way with a different colored thread and that it was very doneover by moths and she said that she could fix it but i told her that it wasnt necessary, so yeah now i stand here and is totally and utterly torn

    cheers DS

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    A waffen SS cap for $150? let me think about that one for a moment............................................ Bobby is a solid dealer, and the cap he has is Lufty, and real, although the insignia has been resewn it is priced at.................395, a fair price. so 110 for your SS cap seems a bargain to me

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    Im sure more pictures or any other firm ancillary support on the item may be helpful. However at this point I respect the heck out of bobs opinion here

    this is an aside but ...."weird damp old man smell mixed with moldy cellar inside"... that's how most cloth items in my collection smell
    General P

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    so that piping is real because someone in this thread told me the piping didnt look like an original and then i know i have seen several privatepurchase caps with this very piping wich i now found on a reputable site, so now i would like to know if its realy a fake since its made of italian fabric and have artificial rayon/silk in redish color and have what seems to be that distinct "wrapped" pebbled buttons so i
    would like to know how people can be so sure its fake especially since its not bund and is confirmed by a tailor from the timeframe to be made of italian fabric and is sewn with thread that was from that era
    i must question what makes it a fake once more

    and the site i bought it from buys from all over the place and have all kinds of different militaria including som from north korea so they do not realy have good knowledge about any single area in the militaria spectrum therefore does not know what a wss cap goes for and thus prices it at 300$ and during christmas sells it for 50% of along with every other single item in their entire site

    cheers DS

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    just to be clear i did not buy it from this site i just posted it to show the piping wich someone didnt like but yes i am more than happy to post more pics can you specify wich angles or areas i should post

    cheers DS

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    It is Christmas time so I would like to be clear on some things as a fellow forum member.

    Please read what I have to say...digest it and there is no need to respond.

    As a forum member you have a more then basic understanding of how these threads unfold.

    My friendly understanding is that we ask a question with the best support pics ect possible and then post to the forum.

    In my experience this is done for 2 reasons.
    #1 It makes me make as good a cases as possible to transmit clean uncloudy detail to the forum for the quickest best advice possible. Many time I have found an answer to questions ect during that process.
    #2 The burden of proof is on the poster. If you think an item is real,fake, etc you need to back it up in every fashion you can find. Many time with determination some items previously questionable have been proven out with sound work on the posters side.

    The amount of knowledge and experience in both depth and breadth here is super massive. Moreover if members don't know chances are they an get a member linked with other experienced people in the hobby.

    next in general when posting. I don't continue to throw long statement and post after every response as much of this should have been stated in the beginning of the post for easy sense of order and understanding.

    This is how "I" see much of this process. I am not perfect but courtesy, the ability to take results and constructive criticism well are part of being a member on any forum of this type. Being able to take it and more forward is in many ways the most important,

    I am trying to be helpful in the Christmas spirit you don't even have to respond.

    General Putnam

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    Quote by Wewelsburg View Post
    Nice Are you doing letters too? God jul!
    It's great he lives in the land of blondes and blue eyes. Maybe he lives close by??????

    I hope your Christmas was fantastic and I wish You and Yours an awesome New Year Kenny
    Semper Fi

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    There is nothing about this cap that makes it Waffen SS.

    I would return it for a refund.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Quote by AZPhil View Post
    It's great he lives in the land of blondes and blue eyes. Maybe he lives close by??????

    I hope your Christmas was fantastic and I wish You and Yours an awesome New Year Kenny
    Semper Fi
    Haha My own blonde has green eyes

    Yes he actually lives 2 minutes from me! Thanks a lot and right back at ya! And now we finally got some snow!

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