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Bergmütze for Review

Article about: All, I'd be interested in hearing comments/opinions on this Bergmütze. (It's not mine so don't worry about hurting my feelings!). I've largely focused on pre-war and early war contract-produ

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    It's a fake made from considerably worn original fabric.
    I handled a very similar fake M43 cap a few months ago.
    These are frighteningly good and I'm sure they will fool a lot of people.

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    Thanks for the aditional pics, Very clean cap !

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    Well I never..................

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    Well... our English boy and ex mod is a cap expert... Sad for the owner !

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    Agreed, I do not like stamps on the cap, and faded cloth in the reverse of the flaps.

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    Thanks to all for your comments. While I'm okay with the cap being deemed a fake, I'm still trying to understand exactly what makes this a fake (if that makes sense). For me, the missing front stiffener immediately raised my suspicions but since this cap is undated and the stiffener was omitted sometime around 1942 (on contract caps), I was exploring this cap as a possible hybrid.

    I didn't give the faded cloth much thought. I've seen caps in collections that sit on shelves that experience the same fading on the exterior. Obviously, you can get the same result on an original cap by wearing it outdoors.

    My concerns with this cap were the already-mentioned missing stiffener and I the way the sweatband is attached.

    I have a few additional questions which I hope someone will be able to answer. Certainly there is considerable variety seen with privately purchased/tailored Bergmützen. Recently, I saw a very nice example with an artificial silk, quilted lining -- insulating material present between the lining and the wool. It probably cost a fair amount when it was new. My question: Were any of the issue/contract Bergmützen produced with an extra layer of material between the lining and the wool?

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    I can support Bens Analysis of the cap being fake...and put it in different terms. Although the fabric is original and during the period...something that was used to put together and make it appear to be period but lacking certain detail of an issued cap,,would only be identifiable to those who collect them under close scrutiny. A couple of being the Allies liberated store houses of such items along with the Germans to use for profit in assembling post war made examples..for take home....what makes this cap fake IMO is that it never belonged to anyone..although it was possibly made during the period or recently made which some tailoring firms are still able to craft these caps that their parents passed down to them the knowledge to do it.
    An example i will use on the dagger forum..which we see alot of is early Period daggers that were supposed to be made will all early period fittings are found with a mixture of early-mid and to late fittings..this dagger although original is made of parts that would not fit the time period of assembly. I dont know if that helps shine a light on any confusion...since its last post..but we try to not let unanswerd questions get too far away. Hopefully someone else can give a look see and post their views in support of BenVk and myself. Regards Larry
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