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DAK field cap

Article about: Hi fellow collectors, I have another cap, that I will ask Your opinion on. Apparently it is a model 1941 made for members of the Afrika Korps. There is the number 58 (size) and another stamp

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    Default DAK field cap

    Hi fellow collectors,

    I have another cap, that I will ask Your opinion on. Apparently it is a model 1941 made for members of the Afrika Korps. There is the number 58 (size) and another stamp that I can't make out. There is an odd number 37 written (in ink?) on the inside of the sweatband. The eagle is absent but the cokarde in a lozange is present. Perhaps another fake, but it looks so not fake. I'm happy to say, that it cost me 30 Euros (20£). The pictures stink but I hope You can make something out of it.

    And silly old me

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    Not a Heer cap, wrong cockade and wrong grommets. A copy, though the KM used a cockade that looked similar to this and some of them used Ferouss grommets, but still a copy IMO


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thank You for your answer Jerry B! The grommets are not of zink and the spot where the eagle ' rested' is too light compared to the tissue, that looks like is has been 'aged' purposely. I must admit that I have cleaned the sweatband in hand soape due to heavy 'grease' sediment. That in it self does not make it real. The cap was widely usen in the middelterreanian area so to call it a DAK cap is surely not correct.
    Sincerely Yours Lasse

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    I was curious about Jerry B's answers as to waer by the KM. I've found some photos of a specimen on sale ($ 1600) that has the same allure as mine BUT with the KM eagle. Quite interesting. The inner lining is exactely the same BUT without the name of the maker: It states in the advert:

    'Standard 1941 pattern WW2 German Navy (Kriegsmarine) other rank's tropical peaked field cap (Tropen Feldmütze mit großem Schirm) in khaki cotton. Gold yellow BeVo woven navy eagle on dark khaki material and embroidered cockade on a browner khaki material. Cap is the standard army pattern, with ventilation grommets and a red cotton liner.

    Marked on inside crown with -


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    Sorry current bid i $1600; the auction ends the 30th august.

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    As I posted, it is not Heer and the KM caps have different grommets and use the embroidered cockade. You need to post pics of the inside of the grommets on your cap and then wait for some other comments. I would expect it to be darker behind the insignia where it has been protected from the sun, not lighter which suggests it has been dirtied deliberately.

    Also try some more searches on here and perhaps on the WAF forum.

    It should also be noted that the other cap has the wrong eagle on it, so perhaps it also is bad.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Yes, Jerry B, I will try some more searches. You are absolutely right about the eagle and the light/dark. I will try to make better pictures of the grommets. Thank You.

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    I have taken two more Pictures of the grommets. I hope this sufice to give a 'verdict'. Thank You for your valuable opinions!
    Sincerely Yours

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    Not a good cap - IMO

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    Thanks John!

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