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Help w/Possible KM-Visor Appreciated!

Article about: Greetings Friends, I've never been much of a Navy Collector and my knowledge of Nautical Collectibles is correspondingly limited...A friend of mine from Brooklyn, New York sent me this cap..

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    Thank you for your help...Perhaps you could point out how this differs, as I can't seem to see any obvious differences...So this is an American Visor?
    cheers, Glenn...
    Yep, here you are: German caps consist of 4 "Seitenteile" i. e. 4 separate parts which are sewn together and then sewn to to the top panel - US caps consist of only 2 - 3 (like your example which lacks the seam in the middle of the crown at the front. Then check the construction: is the centerband removeable? I don't own too many US caps but the chin strap (its construction and its width) is an easy give-away for me. The holes in the sweat band that go all around. The single hole in the middle of the cover which indicates were the screwed-on (German insigna had 2 - 3 prongs [FB please forgive me the expression, I don't know a more appropiate one]) insignium was. All the US Army/Navy/Police caps I own display these features. None of the German caps I own do. For me the case is clear.

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    Thank You Very Much, Friend! That's what I needed to know...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    That's what I thought too, but it isn't are better pics...along with a piece that broke off...This is why I disagree with it being Postwar, I see no indication of postwar material...
    We're posting too quickly it seems...
    Yes, you're right - the inside is not plastic, in fact what has broken off is Vulkanfiber - it was used in the US as well. I own a SF Police cap from the 1960s of which the vulkanfiber parts are beginning to break off as well, but the cover is plastic and the edging of the peak.

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    You've been most helpful, I appreciate the info! The learning never ends, lol...

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    Another essential thing I forgot to mention: German caps had pipings (normally in the top panel and at the top and the bottom of the centerband in "Waffenfarbe" or, for the KM, in blue Grundtuch), US caps usually don't.

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