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Hermann Meyer Cap Original?

Article about: I was excited to find this hat in a garage this morning, although being a very scarce hat, its hard for me to believe right off the bat that its authentic. The cap definitely has wear, and t

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    Well I hope you do find out , it should be remembered that the peaked style hat was the baseball cap of the early 20th century . Worn in many non-military environments . And the buttons could be for a chin strap .

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    Quote by Gwar View Post
    I know little of this style of hat.. But it is IMO reminiscent of "Herringbone" used by the "RAD" in their "Drillich" uniforms.. The button also semi resembles a "Paper" / "Cardboard" piece.... The cut of the hat does not match as to the horizontal pieces attached based on the pics.. These are only my first impressions and I am perhaps mistaken all together..
    Very well observed! The fabric, however, is not herringbone, it is gabardine like for jeans and so matches this kind of cap. In many cases the lines of the fabric, as you observed, show a different pattern - on the left side (when you look at the cap) the lines normally run almost straight from bottom to top (just slightly bending towards the left) and on the right side they run slightly to the right from bottom to top. But this depended on how the pieces were cut out of the fabric wich varied widely from maker to maker and from the circumstances (how much fabric did the maker have etc. etc.)


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    Bravo, Andreas. The first item strikes me as an average fake. The Bob Lyons cap presents a well made item of the era, as one expects from Schellenberg.
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    Is it possible that this cap could have been unissued and someone found it, stripped the insignia, and discarded the cap? it seems like a well made cap compared to the average Chinese fakes on the market. the storage condition of the cap over the years has deformed it which may give it a "crappy" look. the hand written European style numbers on the inside also tells me that it probably didn't come from china or India. Just some of my observations.

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    Well, when F.-B. says it is fake, any further thought on authenticity is futile. Sorry!

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    Hermann Meyer Cap Original?Hermann Meyer Cap Original?Hermann Meyer Cap Original?Hermann Meyer Cap Original?Hermann Meyer Cap Original?Hermann Meyer Cap Original?
    Quote by ErWeSa View Post
    Well, when F.-B. says it is fake, any further thought on authenticity is futile. Sorry!
    Thanks, Wolfgang. A brief comparison with the Lyon cap resolves this issue.

    I do not collect Luftwaffe field caps, but I do collect German peaked caps, as Wolfgang knows. He and I reflect at length on the subtleties of the task.

    The world is awash in reproductions made for re enactors and such.

    The wish does not make it so.
    damit, basta.

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