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Japanese dealer

Article about: Ladies and Gentlemen, when I first joined this forum I wrote about a Japanese dealer I happened to stumble across who offers not only reproduction caps but also insignia, fabrics etc. (http:

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    Default Japanese dealer

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    when I first joined this forum I wrote about a Japanese dealer I happened to stumble across who offers not only reproduction caps but also insignia, fabrics etc.
    (can somebody help me to exactly define a fabric?)

    There are some new products on his/her homepage. Perhaps somebody cares to check on these:


    I'd be interested in your opinions particularly what concerns the fabrics and the different shapes of caps offered. Unfortunately I don't speak/can't read Japanese so I dont't really know what this site is about. They seem to have a certain insight into the construction of German headgear IMHO. And their Trikot seems better in texture and colour than many others used for current reproduction caps.

    Your comments on the quality of these products are welcome!

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    they really offer some very hard-to-get material, maybe we can combine orders and save a bit on the shipping costs?
    i ran the website through a translator, not sure whether this works through this link or not: Google Translate

    i just checked their prices, and i find them to be rather expensive, though the quality of their products looks much better than what is usually accessable.
    a metal wreath & cockade for example costs about 30€, and often i was lucky enough to buy an Original for a similar price.
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    I asked about that site some years back, and was informed that their products are actually made in China, and retailed in Japan.
    To this day I don't know anyone who has purchased one of their hats, but it looks like they do a decent job of getting the overall shape correct.

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    true, for me as an "interested lay person", their caps look remarkable. But they don't make purchasing easy, since an average cap of theirs costs between 250€ - 300€....

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    I have just seen the site, as a former medieval reenactor (and sword bladesmith) I can assure you that the cost of reproducing items using the correct period technique and materials is often so high that the best replicas end up costing figures not too far from that of original pieces.

    Take in consideration the research work and the painstaking work of sourcing materials that have mostly become unusual, so they become costly because produced by small firms: sometimes you even have to recrete them from scratch: eg I did a dagger by recycling old iron taken from a barn (badly smithed, not an artistic one), it took me hours to turn it into a billet, then carburize it with charcoal powder (a great work of patience and some long time in a specially made oven) etc.

    Lot of time spent researching originasl, lot of time spent prototyping with many trials and lots of errors, and this for a small market, with people berating you for "high prices" when actually they pay you one quarter of a car mechanic.

    You have to reinvent techniques mostly lost or whose knowledge is scant and sketchy.

    Our world has made a strong transition in terms of materials, in the eighties I could source black velvet and silver cord to recreate passable ss collar tabs (wrong size but very good looking) just by going to a traditional shop that furnished priests with high level fabrics and other specialized embroidery.

    Or a military tailor in my town offered me ww2 style gabardine of the correct type, presenting me with a NOS single leutnant chevron, that he couldn't seel anymore, a relic of his father's times.

    No wonder if most reenactor gear is ever so and so, or if decent pieces like Janke's ones cost a lot
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