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Just sold on Ebay

Article about: This "Luftwaffe schirmmütze" just sold out of the UK for the princely/pricey sum of US\\$785 ( that's over \\$1000 Aussie ) Even a rube like me who knows nought about caps can see that

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    Hi, Danmark i, for one appreciate items like this brought to our attention. The e-bay garbage area is a good place to learn, although many hats there are just laughable. sweat shield removed because it was not the period celluloid, but flexible plastic, a sure sign of a post war cap. BRD hats seem to join the luftwaffe quite a bit. In the US, the swastika is forbidden on e-bay, so to list an original hat one must remove the insignia. Who in their right mind would tamper with a nice original hat just to list it on e-bay??? I do see some original hats but as Mr. Mint said most have been screwed with. What surprises me even more is how these sellers retain a 100% feedback rating, meaning the buyer is satisfied with his purchase!!!! K.

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