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kriegsmarine tropical Feldmutze ?

Article about: Hi, Can you tell me you opinion about this tropen KM cap? Can be original? Has it any chance? Thank you Partisan

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    Default kriegsmarine tropical Feldmutze ?

    Can you tell me you opinion about this tropen KM cap? Can be original? Has it any chance?
    Thank you
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture kriegsmarine tropical Feldmutze ?   kriegsmarine tropical Feldmutze ?  

    kriegsmarine tropical Feldmutze ?   kriegsmarine tropical Feldmutze ?  

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    can somebody give me an help for this cap?


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    Wow! 61 views and no one opinions?


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    I think it does stand a very good chance, as always a bit clearer photos close up would help, and D.A.K. cap

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    I believe a known maker....Heinrich Balke Bremen. His product shown here not as nicely designed as most tropical caps. Note the shallow cut of the visor which doesn't reach back past the false scallop to about the second grommet on the cap body...pretty dorky looking but possibly legit and if so a KM cap.

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    Thanks Nigel, so you think it ca be original? (I can buy it for a good price... but... why the liner is not red?)

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    Yeah, pretty sure. Finding KM insig. should not be too hard for restoring. Some even used regular KM insig instead of trop. This guy here shows a combo. Mostly Heer caps had red liners--KM usually green, Luft usually tan....just as a rule of thumb. There was alot of variety but the Balke Bremen caps in books are light colored or green....I think (?)

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    Thanks Nigel and Thanks to allan too!

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    Probably an original, but pics are not of the best quality. No one is here to give on demand answers, if any choose to answer it is to do you a favour and if 61 people have a look and then don't answer, that is their right.

    Why put DAK in the title and then use tropen KM in the thread? The latter is correct as no KM troops as far as I am aware were with the DAK, though many would have served at times in that theater of war.

    For future reference, if you want opinions on a tropical cap, show good clear close ups of the interior of the vent holes/grommets as that is one of the classic tells for deciding good from bad. Also for good opinions good pictures are needed.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Okay Jerry,
    I just encouraged an answer, I did not claim ...
    I saved for other .... I wrote about dak, tropen etc ... for my ignorance (I collect other).
    However, I apologize if it seemed I demanded an answer.
    Excuse me.

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