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Luftwaffe cap opinions

Article about: Please can you tell me more about this cap good fake?

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    Default Luftwaffe cap opinions

    Please can you tell me more about this cap good fake?

    Luftwaffe cap  opinionsLuftwaffe cap  opinionsLuftwaffe cap  opinionsLuftwaffe cap  opinionsLuftwaffe cap  opinionsLuftwaffe cap  opinions

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    The eagle looks ok but not sure at all .

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    Eagle looks odd to me, in fact it looks wrong, not what I would expect for a 44 dated cap. That would make me very suspicious of the cap.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Maybey they use a ealyer cap or is that not possible?

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    Its a difficult one guys a lot of people is speaak ay that the cap is Original and that there is a chance that they use a eagle of a uniform on the cap late war they use everythig the apperence of the cap looks ok to me.

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    I freely admit to not being up on this type of cap, all I can comment on is the eagle. I would wait for others to comment on the cap who do know about them. Obviously strange things were done and you might be correct, but of course fakers sometimes use that as a justification for dodgy items and sometimes textbook is the safest way to go. If the seller wants full market price for this, then I would wait to find a one looker and if he does not want full price you have to ask yourself why not. An old trick is to price dodgy items a bit cheaper and the unwary snap them up thinking they have got a bargain. I have been caught out that way many years back.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Thank you for the advice i think i go for it the feeling is good and all looks good the only thing is the eagle but could be done wartime its a 1944 cap by that time they used everything thanks.

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    I like the cap it looks good to me and check this out as another little test. Look in the scalloped edge on the inside, you should see a piece of rag stiffener/filler. Usually in white.

    It's found on army caps in many different colors, on SS caps usually matching the liner and pull down loops. It is tucked up in the seam, sometimes so tightly that it may not show

    until you use your fingers to spread the foldover a bit. It will be there.

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