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Lw m43 black feldmutze for review and comments

Article about: Hi all , I'm posting the pictures of a very interesting,albeit strange M43-style Luftwaffe feldmutze,brought to me today by a friend who's found it at a sale of costumes and uniforms from a

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    Default Re: Lw m43 black feldmutze for review and comments

    Hi Ben,
    for starters thank you very much for weighing in!The eagle is actually a tad duller/dirtier when seen in the's the flash that makes it stands out this strict cohoperation with my terrible lack of photographic skills!
    The zig-zag sewing is one of the best I've seen to date,neat and done with the very same blaugrau zwirn as used when sewing breast eagles and traps on blue-gray garments and caps.
    The two loops under the earcovers are absolutely mint looking,therefore I suspect that this cap must have been picked up barely worn,as the faint sweat traces woud suggest in some LW depot near Rome,consigned to a Cinecittą warehouse/costumes depot and forgotten for decades under a ton of other costumes.
    A few months ago a large part of the Cinecittą Studios has been ravaged by a furious fire( )
    and chances are that this cap comes from one of the devastated costumes depot which belong(ed) to private individuals!God only knows what has been lost forever!A friend of mine and brother-in-law to the other friend who's found this M43 in Rome,and who is an avid collector and enthusiast scholar of the Napoleonic/19th Century Wars and who worked with a famous Italian movie director one time nearly fainted when he saw a dozen uniforms hailing to the mid-19th century worn by actors as if they were cumbersome,dusty rags...he talked to one of the producers and bought those uniform on the spot after the film shootings!
    I don't even want to think about what the fire may have destroyed forever!
    Anyway....I'll tell my friend to follow your precious and kind advice as to how to clean the cap Ben,because I'm confident he would like to "restore" the black of the cloth and get rid not only of the smell but of the mildew as well since,as you've rightly pointed out,it could contaminate other items!
    Oh....I almost forgot to thank you for the pictures you've added and yes...the second looks very,very similar to the one sewn to my friend's cap!
    Best Regards

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