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LW m43 for review

Article about: Hi everyone, A few years ago I bought in good knowledge this cap from the Classifieds section on this forum. Since then it has been in my collection. I recently started to sell some things f

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    Default LW m43 for review

    Solved, thanks!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture LW m43 for review   LW m43 for review  

    LW m43 for review   LW m43 for review  

    LW m43 for review   LW m43 for review  

    LW m43 for review   LW m43 for review  

    LW m43 for review  
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    Any thoughts?

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    Hello. I think of all TR headgear these are perhaps the most difficult to determine authenticity of? The construction methods used to make these seems to vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer and over the years of production. And also since these were field worn and each saw different amounts of wear, the condition can give a false sense of aging which works in a forgers favor. Having said all that I like the look of it's quality. The stitching seems well done and even. But imo it was perhaps thrown in a washing machine or scrubbed vigorously by hand... something. The cleanliness of the Adler, woven cocade, and interior seem peculiar. Also the rather fuzzy appearance of the wool and kind of ruffled or loose look of the fabric too suggest as much. Typically several key images or points of interest to help authenticate originality are missing, the stitching around the flap buttonholes, the flap reinforcement band, and a close-up of the buttons front and back. Lastly the three visible areas of damage to the top; seem odd all look to be the same size and shape and are in a triangular pattern, I can't imagine what could produce that? It's not natural wear or typical moth damage I find that odd. Sorry I can't give a more concise answer but hopefully you can get more pictures specifically of the areas of concern and someone with better knowledge of these can give a yes or no. kindest regards.


    LW m43 for review

    Images taken from this previous thread

    Luftwaffe M43 cap opinions

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    It looks like one for the re-enactors, not a period produced cap in my opinion....



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