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Need opinions on SS visor...

Article about: Hi all. I'd like to get some opinions on this visor. I have yet to add one to my collection and this one has crossed my path for potential purchase. Please let me know what you think. Thanks

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    Fellas, please understand that I am not ungrateful for the advice and guidance presented here from F-B. If you take the time to read my questions and replies (which make up only a couple of the 3 pages of posts) you'll find that I'm merely trying to understand, not insult or cause anyone to have a stroke (quoting one of F-B's replies). It is clear to me that I should avoid posting anything black SS cloth related on this forum if I intend to question, or engage in any kind of constructive fact finding conversation for fear of being scolded...

    Quote by Friedrich-Berthold View Post
    You may cordially ignore what I write or say or enclose. You are a free man, and I am also free to offer you as much or as little as possible. What I do not have to do is engage in some game about the quality of my expertise. Based on fifty five years of collecting and the ownership of more or less sixty SS caps, my opinion is that your cap is fake. However, I do not have to pass a test by you as to my bona fides.
    Comments like this from a simple series of logical questions is uncalled for and will only serve to isolate people like myself, an experienced TR collector and contributor to this forum, as well as a registered member. It is very important that we, as contributors to this forum, understand at least two things; 1) we can choose when to contribute, nobody is forcing our hands to do so, and 2) not everyone who posts a question is simply going to say, "Thank you very much, I appreciate the help." Some will ask follow up questions in order to gain more insight and learn. At the end of the day, that is what this whole forum experience is about; learning from like minded community members. There is no place here for belittlement and bad attitudes.

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    I think this thread has evolved back to where it should be so lets get past the "he said, he said" aspect of it. As you said, we are all here to learn from the knowledge of our compatriots. Please except one small correction to your last post. Allgemeine SS and black caps and uniforms are not completely interchangeable. The black uniforms were worn pre-war by all branches of the SS-not just the Allgemeine SS. It is correct to refer to all of this regalia as simply black.


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