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Opinion on SS cap

Article about: If he did not sell fakes as original there would be no problem..... Cheers, Ade.

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    If he did not sell fakes as original there would be no problem.....

    Cheers, Ade.
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    One-looker fake, and I don't even collect them. The buttons appear to be east German...Don't worry about the seller's ranting, he's probably miffed because the cap's been exposed as a fake by the many experienced collectors here.
    cheers, Glenn

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    Question is not whether the cap is original or not, but whether it says NY Yankees or Boston Red Sox underneath the cloth...
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    Opinion on SS cap
    I wonder if he sells this stuff as well as caps?...
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    Late chiming in here so sorry for the "pile on" but there are so many things that give this cap away. The seam across the top is one. It lacks the small retainers at either end of the visor and indeed the buttons are East German. The buttons have the large dimple style typical of EG Knoepfen. It looks to be a home made job by someone with only a vague sense of how to make Einheitzfeldmuetze. NH

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    judging by the size of the cap to the size of the arm ,i would say the seller is no more than a child ,at that age i would believe anything was genuine

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    Copyright? to a fake hat?..i would say legally anywhere in the world if someone is misrepresenting an item of sale THEY breach the terms of sale..if the hat is being sold as a really shit replica then yes they may hold some entitlement to some sort of copyright..but if said hat is being sold as a legitimate ww2 SS cap THEY themselves are in breach of far more than copyright..i trust if they see the pictures on here they will see this comment and leave you alone Jan

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    I contacted the seller, before even seeing these comments. I said that it's very arrogant to try to sell that as an original and delete all opposing comments, and what I got as a response, was that I should present him evidence and that he filed a report about this mischief to the site's administration. I linked him this thread and told why it is a fake. We'll see how he answers this time.

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    I got an answer.

    He said that he's been in contact with warrelics' administrators about the pictures which were put without his permission to this forum. He keeps on asking how do these guys in this forum prove that this cap is a fake. Then he kept on threatening to get my account on that site deleted and asked if I was enjoying bullying him and said that this kind of behaviour is sick...

    Maybe I just shouldn't even drag this any further. You know the saying ''If you argue with an idiot, they'll take you down to their level and beat you with experience''.

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    Regarding 'proof':

    There is likely over 1,000 years of collective knowledge
    and hands-on experience within the Forum's

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