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Opinions needed on Heer Panzer Einheitsfeldmütze

Article about: Hello everyone, I found this at an antique store yesterday and was curious if i did good !!??

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    Quote by ObKrieger View Post
    Are these all supposed to lack air vents?
    Hi Mo, the issue Einheitsfeldmutze did NOT have air vents.

    Previous issue caps did. But the whole point of this cap was to make a cheaper item.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Hi Larz, sorry to hear that this was the outcome. Unfortunately, the market is full of duds. Just to make you feel better, as far as I have heard from other collectors everyone has bought a fake by mistake at some point. Just give it back and use that money to buy a nice one. What is 25 USD compared to the hundreds we spend on this great hobby, Best Regards, Juan

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    Hi, welcome to the forum. Sorry I am a bit late in on this one.

    Everyone has an opinion on these caps but there are more fakes/repros than originals out there by a long way.

    This is not a good one IMO and Ade's advice is the best you could ask for, not sure what the dealer's experience is that leads him to believe it's good but I wold definitely get your money back on this cap.

    Always post here if you are not sure and hopefully the guidance received will help.

    Hope this helps.............



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    Why go through the hassle of insisting on taking it back to the dealer who refuses to refund, when he can sell it for a $1000 + profit, unless the story of the dealer offering the money was bunk? We heard that the "dealer offered $1600", which to me was a little slap in the face to Ade's post. He didn't have to write as much as he did, and doesn't usually. All to have someone who asked for advice here assure us that it is in fact good, so then Ade's help/advice is no good?

    You can't force anyone to take anything back, unless... you can dispute it with your CC (not debit, it doesn't work the same), or PPal, they are generally pretty good about complaints.

    But why go through all that when there's $1200 waiting, that you can spend on good militaria?

    The cap looked like a stinker to me from the get go... sweat stains but zero corrosion on the metal vent holes? It's contrived and it's not as old as it's supposed to be.

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    To me this does not make any sense. Someone wants to buy back an ítem that was sold initially for 400USD at 1600USD???

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    Jamoros, not the same dealer. He bought it at an antique store somewhere for $400, then posted that he took it to another shop and was offered $1600... now having trouble getting his $400 back from the first shop. I'm pretty sure I know what I would do. Also not making sense here is that he posted to assure us that it is good, so why try to return it at all?

    Have you ever had that sinking feeling you bought a stinker? Your first impulse it to dump it somehow... Either return it, not always easy with private party sales, or figure something else out. It seems to me this something else is already available? Unless... one has so much integrity that they could never let a store owner who wants to foolishly give you money go through with it ;-)

    Personally, I have to stop thinking too much about other people's items, whether they are real or not. Unless the item is an abject fake, like the SS helmet that was posted the other day, I will just leave it open. Maybe it is real, maybe it is period. In some cases, over a computer, I don't think that I have to take anybody's word for it as gospel.

    I do like to know that my items are good though, and I'm just buying simple stuff. No SS, never had a single piece, I don't fall for the hype, in fact it somewhat disgusts me for personal reasons. Just yesterday another SS helmet posted from a well respected member, is called out maybe be a fake, hurts the poster's feelings. All sorted out in the end. All the time I couldn't help feeling I don't care if this helmet with the crooked SS decal is real, I'd much rather have my single decal M42 Heer, much better looking helmet, at least the guy was sober when he put the decal on.... It's not always about money, and what stuff is worth.

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    Anyway, what concerns us in this Fórum is that this ítem is no good

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    For sure this Panzer Einheitsfeldmütze is bad...Ade gave some bad features but there are a lot more....mainly about the construction...
    If someone offers you to buy a Panzer Einheitsfeldmütze for $400, it means that there's a problem

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    Laurent Huart (1964-2008)

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    Sorry for all the confusion Gents, I am novice obviously and have zero experience with any Einheitsfeldmütze cap. I was just using every resource possible to figure out what exactly I had. Never was I trying to be disrespectful towards anyone on here. Never did I say I was going to return the cap because the sale is most likely final. The dealer I dealt with liked the cap and made his offer that is all, even after I disclosed to him of the things that people informed me of on here. I really do appreciate the time you all took to help me out with this and a lesson has been learned, happy collecting to all!!

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