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Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

Article about: by zippa43 Gentlemen moderators. I ask you to leave this topic open until that time until I get to the comments seller and other opinions of experts on the subject. with respect. Mr. Stonemi

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    Quote by tampalam View Post
    I think many people mistake collectors for fanatics and Nazi sympathizers. This makes many people angry.

    I have met very few collectors of TR regalia who hold such views. Most of us are interested in history and conservation as well as the incredible variety and aesthetic pleasure of the quality of workmanship produced for German amred forces and political branches during this period. Holding one of these pieces in my hands gives me great pleasure.
    Well, thanks for this, but my reference to anger was more the irrationality and other of the seven deadly sins that predominate on these websites. I enjoy old things, too, but this enjoyment seems to become jealousy, envy, rage, and poor syntax when it gets to these websites. I am often seized by guilt that I post things, since I wonder if I am not merely making others over stimulated as in on line pornography. I shall leave politics out of the issue. I am a monarchist who lives in a republic, actually, but I refrain from making political statements in an election season. Truth be told, I have not bought anything for more than two years, but I am now tempted to break my fast with all of it. Maybe I should not.
    damit, basta.

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    Circuit advertisement Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?
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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    Thanks Guys !
    Yeah the cap is a 70' repro

    FB, you are so

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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    Questions arise, as one becomes more aware, as to why it is that we collect. Many simple answers, of course. To look behind this, to be aware of other less defined motives- having nothing at all to do with "history" or whatever.
    Oh,do I actually dare to consider what all this means in my day to day reality?
    Ponder that question.
    Most will see nothing or, at best, look away with an uncomfortable feeling. Lucky you who feels only the chase.

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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    The most interesting thing to come out of this thread is the dog that FB posted!

    I was in the post office today and the guy in front of me had an 18 month year old brown poodle and when it was his tum in the que, the dog jumped up on the counter, put it's paw on the bell to atract attention and the postman gave the dog a biscuit, Apparently the dog owner is a regular customer and all the post office staff know the dog well and have a pile of biscuits at the ready. My faith in human beings has been lacking recently which is why I laughed a bit too much at seeing the dog ringing the bell to get a Royal Mail parcel and a biscuit!!

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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    Dogs are indeed fascinating.

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    Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    My dog, my wife and I spent much of the last winter in Vienna, not far from this place, where dogs can frolic without unneeded human control and intervention. I think that dogs surely have a better life in the UK, and if they want a biscuit from the Royal Mail, such is proper. The Al Qaeda people have now put some stupid bombs in the air mail to Chicago via the UK and spoiled the weekend.

    In any case, I have grossly violated this thread by going well off topic, but at least our likes can have a friendly exchange about something other than a "scull."

    I still think the whole thing is actually a satire or a practical joke.
    damit, basta.

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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    Here is my dog, whose name is Lara, as in the Julie Christie character in Zhivago (my wife is a Slav) with a radiant expression.
    She does not know about cap stitching and does not care.Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?
    damit, basta.

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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    Quote by ErichK View Post
    Dogs are indeed fascinating.
    Well, not really but honesly I'd rather talk about poodles than about a repro cap for the 5000's time. I'm sorry and it's not arrogance, it's just errr, boredom?
    That's why when I ask about something outside of my collecting area, I feel embarrassed but try and make up for it by doing at least some research before hand. I'm always surprised by people who don't do that .It's like they have no problem in admitting that they have made no effort themselves but then turn on people that have put the effort in.

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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    Julie Christie is today 69 years old. Here is how she looked in my youth. In Fahrenheit 451 and Zhivago. Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?
    damit, basta.

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    Default re: Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?

    The FB-BenVK proposal deserves serious consideration... I am young, and a new collector... I'm sure my ignorance has agitated at more than one occasion. Because of this, I do try to use my discretion and implement patience and self-learning as much as possible and anyone else in my relative position should try to do the same without doubt.

    Any of the less sage collectors on this forum (like me) should truly appreciate the position we are in. We have the throwaway convenience of cyberspace where the quick-answer and the instant gratification reign. How far removed is this from how it was in the old days, when collectors had to use books, mentors, time and patience. They learned, we just get answers. It is much like thinking just knowing the solution to a mathematics problem without knowing the math behind it will do you any good. If you don't truly understand something, you get no where, in the end.

    The internet is a great resource for learning about this regalia, but it can also breed impatience and mental-stagnation that inhibit that endeavor. The relatively anonymous nature of the same helps breed the petty jealously, spite, etc. because there is no consequence for not being decent and respectful. It inhibits a want for understanding because bare answers are readily available.

    I don't think I lie when I say that the knowledgeable men on this forum are happy to provide their insights to those seeking them. But they should be seen as fellow collectors and friends, not Barnum & Bailey elephants.
    Those in the dark should certainly ask their questions (I certainly have to), but the solution presented provides a more seamless way to do this that alleviates the stress on everyone.

    I have attached a picture of a cat I once had. He was very large as you can see, and did not have any interest in Third Reich costumes, preferring instead lots and lots of food.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Panzer Heer schirmutze: what do you say?  

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