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SS camo m43 style cap

Article about: That Caen find is a Cracking cap !

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    That Caen find is a Cracking cap !

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    Well thanks for your uninformative replies, the cap was given to me by a former policeman and RAF veteran, he said it came from Germany where he bought it in the 1960's.
    He got it from a WW2 veteran so I have no way of knowing if the old guy was spinning him a yarn, or indeed I am being.
    However, was anybody able to read the original question?
    Was this hessian stuff used in hats of the time?

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    In answer to your original question, buckram is a form of calico/cotton material that was used extensively in the hat making industry. It is possible that this was used as the cap stiffiner for the peak. It was also used for cap bands in both ww1 and ww2 field caps.



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    I do thank you for that Tony, I do prefer a straight forward answer rather than ones claiming to be a "my hat's better than yours" type.
    I am still intrigued by the earlier posters claims that this cap is not from the correct period though, can they come up with any further proof or evidence, other than "it's not the same as my one"?

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    I guess that's a question you need to put to them. The cut of your cap is different from the standard normally seen. That said I can only help on the question regarding materials used in cap making.



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    With thanks again Tony,
    So regarding the material being used, it was used during the 1940's, Now can the "experts" look again and comment?
    As I say it is a piece brought back from Germany, bought in the '60s.
    I am well aware of fakes being made in the period, however the story of it sems to ring true and I have no reason to doubt the veteran.

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    I think you should reconsider your approach to this forum. You're a new member and you already made some wrong assumptions here which won't help getting more answers or help I am afraid, despite this being probably the most "friendly" forum you may find on the net.
    Dimas gave you an important hint and Lebus shared interesting stuff to compare. It is up to you to draw some initial conclusions or elaborate your questions possibly in a more friendly way. Using brackets and assuming someone is posting things to show off, is really wrong. Nobody has interest in proving your cap is post war, whilst it seems your concern is to prove it differently rather than learn.
    I hope you get the message. Regards


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